EU trio targets tougher list of Iran sanctions
Financial Times / Dinmore/Bozorgmehr/Barker
27-Feb-2009 (8 comments)

France, Germany and the UK - the so-called EU3 - are proposing a tough list of additional sanctions to be imposed against Iran in order to give the Obama administration more muscle in its expected engagement of the Islamic republic. A confidential document seen by the Financial Times and Il Riformista, an Italian newspaper, lists 34 Iranian entities and 10 individuals allegedly linked to Iran's covert nuclear or biological weapons programmes. Some state-run organisations are named for the first time, including the prestigious Sharif University of Technology, Iran Insurance Company, Iran Air Cargo, which is affiliated to the state-owned airliner, Khatam ol-Anbia, a construction contractor affiliated to the elite Revolutionary Guards, Iran Space Agency and Razi Institute for Serum and Vaccine Production.

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sharif university on eu ban list

by News Goffer on

Another excerpt from the article:

"Among 34 Iranian entities in the EU3 proposal are:

Sharif University of Technology Iran's most prestigious engineering university, whose graduates are quickly given scholarships by major international universities in the west, particularly the US. The university has a course on nuclear physics engineering

Iran Air Cargo Affiliated to Iran Air, the state carrier, and the biggest cargo line

Iran Insurance Company Iran's biggest and oldest insurance company is mainly involved in third-party insurance and to a lesser extent cargo insurance

Bank Tejarat Iran's fifth largest commercial bank was designed to specialise in trade but is now involved in all kinds of activities like other commercial banks

Khatam ol-Anbia Economic arm of the elite Revolutionary Guards. Involved in billions of dollars of development projects including oil and gas

Razi Institute for Serum and Vaccine Iran's biggest producer of serum and vaccine"



Their loss.

by Ostaad on

This means Iran's best and brightest will look elsewhere instead of the "old Europe" for education.  The Europeans wanted the Iranian and other developing countries' students in their universities in order to make permanent Euro-centric zombies out of them knowing full well that they would go back and occupy sensitive positions in their home  governments and universities. There was a time when the West was the only venue to gain knowledge about science and technology. That's not the case anymore and they know it.

I'd say, let them shoot themselves in the foot. Who cares?

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Isn't it obvious why???

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Iranians from Sharif are very bright and they were raising the bar on those pure Europeans. 

Cheers News Goeffer! 


Utter shame EU3Nazis

by capt_ayhab on

These so called western civilization with their stale educational system banning one of the most prestigious universities in the world? A university which in the same class and prestigious as MIT and NDIT[New Delhi Inst.of Tech]

Shame, utter shame pEU3




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Racist Europeans.


EU trio targets tougher list of Iran sanctions

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EU trio targets tougher list of Iran sanctions
Financial Times
what else can this torn papaer do? being drowned in ecconomical desaster can be psychologically be helped by likeqwiśe nonesense. let it bark, let them grunt until they are cured or dead. Read better ETTELAAT. If you dont like it or cant affored it then read HAMSHAHRI. The fact is that specially the so called EU-Tri handle with the Islamic Republic of Iran is running inits most high level since 30 years History of that Republic.


sanctions have worked!

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Iranian Universities are ready to let all iranian students who are studying in abroad to continue in Iran.
After hundred of years that the westerns were the only owner of sciences iran begun to developp the researchings. The so called sanctions have been a great help to accelerate their fortcomings. Today is the Islamic Republic of Iran the most undependant country among the developping states in the world. The question: have the sanctions worked? has the only answer YES. But if some people will continue and say: otherwise we must try different methods and crimes to force the honorable Iranian Nation in knees so the interpretation delivers: "WE" does not contain any being who belongs to Iranian Nation but contains only the enemies, those dirty and stinky individuals and only those can have such criminal imaginations against Iranians. Most of these subjects can be found in "IRANIAN". They advise to , trying new crimes and tricks against Iranians. But all the thinkable methods are treid allready. Better forget it and accept the desteny. Greeting

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Have sanctions worked so far?

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Including Iran's most prestigeous technical university in the list is a tragedy.  This university enrolls the brightest Iranian youth, many of whom go on to other institutes of higher education in the world. 

Razi Institute for Serum and Vaccine is on the list.  I wonder what banning commercial and scientific interactions with that organization would mean to its service level to Iranian public.

I think this will hurt people of Iran more than IRI rulers.