Iran slams U.S. envoy to U.N.
26-Feb-2009 (4 comments)

Iran's U.N. envoy sharply criticized new U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice on Thursday, saying she was making the "same tired" accusations against Iran that the previous U.S. administration had made.In a speech to the U.N. Security Council during a session on Iraq, Rice reiterated the U.S. position that Iran was supporting terrorism and attempting to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran denies both allegations."It is unfortunate that, yet again, we are hearing the same tired, unwarranted and groundless allegations that used to be unjustifiably and futilely repeated by the previous administration," Iran's envoy Mohammad Khazaee said in a letter to the council's president, Japanese Ambassador Yukio Takasu."Instead of raising allegations against others, the United States had better take concrete and meaningful steps in correcting its past wrong policies and practices vis-a-vis other nations, including the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said.

News Goffer

an ominous start?

by News Goffer on

Well, the rhetoric is nothing new.  The two UN Ambassadors sound just like their predecessors.  I guess no "change" is happening in the Iran-US relations anytime soon.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Same old tired accusations because if they weren't,

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and if the "entire civilized world" didn't want Iran to "go nuclear", why did the UN bend over backwards last week to dispel the hype that Iran was ready to make a bomb and in violation of everything under the sun?

It is tired.

I loathe IRI (internally more than externally btw) but...

they need nuclear energy to support the energy requirements of their modernation, their technology plans. They do. They really do. They're a very populous country with a very sophisticated engineering and scienific appartus and there's a lot of things they want to do. And they need the power. Why should they be a backwater with all that brain power (whether it wears hijab or not, it's still brain power..)

Btw I hate nuclear power too.


what same tired accusations??????

by mahmoudg on

Some one tell these IRI Mofo's, they are on a direct path to producing nuclear weapons and the world will not tolerate it.  unless Iran shuns its terrorist regime, the unified world will not allow it to go nuclear.  Simple and case closed.  unfortunatley, the apologists and the leaders of IRI have this notion, that Islam and god will protect them from their lies,  perhaps they should all wear a key to the gates of heaven around their neck, so when they are brought to justice by a just western style judicial system, they can enter it and find their 70 promised virgins!!  as for the women, unfortunelaty i am not sure what can be done.  The Koran does not stipulate as to how women can enjoy themselves in heaven.

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oh yes it is..

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everything's changing.

talk is talk. walk is walk. they'll yap at each other but they'll walk. they have no choice. they've already started. nuclear issue is a done deal and everybody knows it. the mutual concern is afghanistan and they need each other. and gaza..well...syria stepped in..they're just bluffing. means nothing.

that's what i think.