What Gulf?
Huffington Post / Hooman Majd
26-Feb-2009 (8 comments)

...this week announced the appointment of Dennis Ross as the point person in charge of the Iran portfolio at the State Department (but curiously not the White House). In its announcement, however, the State Department referred not to Iran, but to some fictitious place it calls "The Gulf," a body of water not found on any reputable map.
In doing so, the State Department undoubtedly knew it would tweak the noses of the Ahmadinejad government as well as the Ayatollahs and leadership in Tehran, but it should have also known that Iranians everywhere, of every political stripe, inside and outside Iran, would be equally incensed at what they have perceived over the last few years as an attempt by the U.S. (and its Arab allies) to diminish, distort, and tarnish their history, which they view as glorious and deserving of admiration. As citizens of the only nation in the region wit

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he should call it

by MRX1 on

'gulf with no name' and done with it! apparently this body of water has been around tens of thousends of year and it's either not discovered yet or no body could find a name for it in thousend years!


Only the mullah rulers of Iran know the region!!!!

by Right (not verified) on

Right! nobody knows the region better than the mullah rulers of Iran and their lackeys among whom you can find a lot with American citizenship.

Then I guess according some of you guys, Hillary should have appointed that Iranian American guy who lives in the U.S., who is a university professor and also an advisor to Mahmood Ahmadinejad.


half the....

by maziar 058 (not verified) on

news was told except no mentioning the name of vali nasr and American enterprise which lobbies for Israeli interest....


He doesn't even know about the region

by blah (not verified) on

He is suppose to be an expert, but lacks the basic understanding of the geography and the history of the region. Just because he is an expert in Israeli matter it does not mean he is an expert on rest of the middle east as his lack of regional understanding shows.


It's OK

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

Iran acts very much like an Arab country. Now let others call Persian Gulf, Arabian Gulf. Why do you care? Ya in vary ya oon vary.


Thank you Irandokht

by mehrnaz (not verified) on

Thank you Irandokht, Clearly it is misguided to assume that the change of administration in the US and the appointment of a black president heralds an era free from the menace of the Israel lobby in the US and that we are now immune from that particular brand of arrogance only matched by its ignorance. If anything, the expression of rat against the wall or wounded viper now particularly applies.


It's your messiah's administration

by tsion on

Isn't it? The Iranian community has only the likes of you to thank for it. So who are you complaining to now?



Should have consulted Hooman and co. First

by Consultant (not verified) on

He'd better loosen up the knot on his necktie and relax. I guess the Administration should have consulted Hooman and alike before appointing Dennis Ross! What a ghastly mistake!

It seems like Mammad Javad Zarif left and put Hooman joon in charge. We should also expect to see more of him on Charlie Rose's show in the absence of Mammad Javad, Charlie's favorite guest.

btw, maybe they were referring to Gulf of Mexico when they said "Gulf"