Is Dennis Ross Iran's Real Envoy?
Huffington Post / Omid Memarian
01-Mar-2009 (3 comments)

As expected among the foreign policy community, Dennis Ross was appointed Iran's "special advisor" and curiously not the "special envoy"-- which begs the question of whether or not he will be the major voice in Washington on US-Iran relations.Appointing an envoy or advisor to Iran has posed a challenge to the U.S. administration, considering the complex involvement of this country with most of the U.S. conflicts in the Middle East. The main concern has been to appoint a diplomat who can talk to Tehran, a regime that Washington loves to hate despite its significant influence on most of the U.S. foreign policy priorities in the region.

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no he isn't

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If he were the "Special Envoy," he would be called that.  An "advisor" is an advisor, no matter how "special" he is.  He won't be able to do and say anything independently.  Bill Burns is the man.


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Dear Broken Link

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Thank you.  You are right, it doesn't work but I don't know why.

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