Madam Secretary, the Name is Persian Gulf
huffington post / Dr M. Sahimi
04-Mar-2009 (17 comments)

Madam Secretary, you need first and foremost an advisor on history because, given his long history of bias toward Iran, in addition to be totally unfit for the job, your advisor and "expert," Dennis Ross, does not know the history of that region. The name of that Gulf is Persian Gulf, nothing less, nothing more. It has been that way since at least 330 B.C., when the Achaemenid Empire established the first Persian Empire in Pars (or Persis, the region which is called Fars in the present Iran) in southwestern region of Iran. After that historical event, Greek - not Iranian - sources started calling the body of water that bordered this region the Persian Gulf. It has stayed that way ever since.

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Darius Kadivar

Irandokht, Nope You Got it All Wrong Again ...

by Darius Kadivar on


I know where My "Patriotism" Stands Khanoum Jaan, And I distinguish it from  "Nationalism" an obsolete Concept that serves a pretext ONLY to Totalitarian thoughts and which led to two World Wars in the 20th Century.

Nationalism Is Based on a False Notion of Pride and has NOTHING to do with the LOVE OF THE NATION and ITS CULTURE. Most Nationalists in History hardly care about culture.

Khomeiny Used to Say: "Nah Sharghy, Nah Gharby, Faghat Jomhuryeh Eslami !"

Ended Up by Banning Music ( including Iranian), western clothes, forced the Veil on Your heads with Your own Benediction too and took away ALL the Social Rights you had acquired after 50 years of Pahlavi Rule, all that in the name of an "Islamic" Nationalism.

The Nationalism that is defended by the Islamic Republic raises its Flag Poles with the Blood of the Nation by Hanging its Youth on a Daily Basis.


So indeed My Concept of Patriotism has NOTHING to DO with the Islamic Republic's Concept of NATIONALISM !

I just don't think that the so called "Iranian" government is in any position to speak about Iranian interests in ANY Matter and even less about the plight of the Palestinian people to which it sends great monetary contributions with the Iranian Tax Payers money and for other purposes than "Humanitarian" Aid.
  For however tragic what happened in Gaza was also a direct consenquence of our Dear President's Irresponsible foreign policy and constant provocations.
  Does that Excuse Israel for that matter ? NO !
  Not to say that Our Nuclear Rights have been jeapordized by HIS STUPIDITY NOT ISRAEL's.
  You don't go around speaking about our undeniable rights to Peaceful Nuclear Technology and then immediately go and host a holocaust conference and call for the destruction of Israel and wiping it off the Map !

Where was the coherence in Iran's foreign policy ?

And My position has not changed the slightest in regard to the regime in Tehran for:

  Do I need to add Without Foreign Military Intervention be it Israeli or American ?

You should know better !

  And NOT

The ISLAMIC NATIONALISM of This new Islamo Fascist Empire in the Making with their TREACHEROUS FORKED FLAG worthy ONLY of the ZAHAK's of TEHRAN ! who have the Blind Support of the likes of Abarmard and Cameron!
It is Indeed a Time to Choose Before it becomes too Late, but I am afraid It is already Too late for a Democratic Iran for our generation at least.
May the following one be wiser than us and know their priorities ! 


in summary

by IRANdokht on

If you don't like the ruling government, let go of the patriotic values you once had. Meehan, Vatan, honor and patriotism is attached to the ruling party. You don't like them? then laugh at the concept of vatan, ask other countries to help you overthrow the current rulers regardless of the cost and belittle anyone who doesn't feel the way you do...

If the powers of the world that you're hoping would help you by removing the ruling party decide they want to take away your name and identity, heck why not! It's just a name, just like those who will get killed in any attack are just casualties for a great cause.  

That's the accepted "patriotism", everything else deserves mockery, and is too little too late.



This is getting tool old too fast

by MRX1 on

The responsibility of defending Iranian right, territory, honor , name what ever falls under the shoulder of it's rulling class and as long as we have bunch of low life islamo facists who care for nothing except  maintaing their hold on the power and steal as much money as they can we will have to live with this kind of thing.  Some one posted video of shah defending Iran's honor. compare it with what you see now and days and case closed!

khaleh mosheh

A Maths riddle

by khaleh mosheh on

Can be very complex- like the one Capt Ayhab has posted which completely bambozled me.


This issue here on the other hand is simple. Should not we not just agree that it can only be Persian Gulf and nothing else?

As I see it the 'Khodamyamorz aallahazrat' was saying the same thing. 






by Hajminator on

Do you know how Persians call persons who have different facets playing different psychological roles?



Tic-tac tic-tac



We call them Divan-7 sar. I'm sure there is a parallel in Hebrew. I'll search, if you show one of your faces here again, I'll give you its translation in Hebrew.

anonymous fish

no thanks hasani

by anonymous fish on

i don't need to "step" anywhere.  this site doesn't belong to you personally nor does it belong to iranians exclusively.  there IS freedom of speech in case you've forgotten and i'm exercising my rights.  :-)

if YOU don't like it, YOU can go elsewhere.  but i'm not.  if you can't take constructive criticism, tough.  that's YOUR problem.  i made a comment to applies to everyone... american, iranian, chinese and taiwanese.  get the chip off your shoulder and forget about trying to insult me. 

in other words,  grow up.


American ladies on this site

by hasani (not verified) on

I've noticed that there are a couple of American ladies on this site who like to always be reminding the rest of us illiterati how to behave on this site.

Please ladies, make your deposits and move on. As they say on the subway in NYC: Step lively, step lively...

Darius Kadivar

IRANdokht Jaan We can agree on PG !

by Darius Kadivar on

But I noticed you go for all these so called Liberal Minded American and British news as if they were a reference in anything. These guys hardly understood what was happening in Gaza under this left wing Diatribe mentality that please the likes of Hamid Debashi and Soraya Ulrich.

I bring up Gaza because all these selective indignations by the Huffington Post and other Left Wing Liberals in America are pissing me off. It doesn't even have to do with the fact that they believe in Left wing ideas it just that they are BLIND !

All of you are blinded by the Tree which is hiding the Forest !

As we are Speaking the IRI is jeapordizing EVERY THING Our Country has been standing for the past 3000 Years in order to establish a totally different vision on our countrymen and women that of an Intolerant and racist nation in order to create their Own New Empire, Only one with a turbaned King:

The Iranian Empire: The IRI replacing the Ottoman Influence  (Forbes)


Forget about Khayyam and Sa'adi or Ferdowsi or Iranian Humanism expressed in their poetry and philosophy.

We Won't live to see A Democratic Iran at least not my generation !

This is What Our Iran has been reduced too and which we refuse to denounce collectively because of FEAR of Being Attacked By the Fucking Israelis or Americans:

Harry Potter and Hollywood Zio Nazi Conspiracy


We Host Neo Nazis on our National TV to brainwash our people


And Keep blaming America or Israel for our predicaments ...

I just Don't Recognize My Compatriots anymore and even less those in the Diaspora.

Maybe I am just in a Bad Mood, But the Truth is I am Angry at the Iranian Diaspora in General for their passivity and constant naivity to swallow the arguments of the likes of Cameron, Abarmard and Co

Its Never been about Democracy its been about Empire Building.

Once You People understand THAT REALITY about the Islamic Republic and the middle East in general You will understand a great deal about the real challenges, dangers and dillemas Iranian Civil Society and Democrats in general in the Middle East are facing.

I can tell you right now that the battle for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran is over for Our Generation and at best pushed away to another 50 years from today because We Are All more or less disconnected with Iran and Iranians.


We Don't care about History or Culture otherwise we would not be in the current mess for we would learn from it and our mistakes.

My Anger or Frustration is Not against You in particular but Against ALL OF US in general  for not getting anywhere except digging our own grave in this Islamic Quagmire of ours ...

The Islamic Revolution has Triumphed, I might as well admit it !

Anyway Got to leave !

Good Night !





anonymous fish

i agree on one thing 100%

by anonymous fish on

no, actually two things discussed here.

first, i agree that pressure should be brought to bear upon the administration to recognize the gulf as the "persian gulf".  it's utterly ridiculous to consider it anything else.  i will defend that 100%.

i also agree that the other discussion is better served elsewhere.  i agree with darius in this matter but ID is absolutely right.  this article is about one thing and one thing only.  every single article gets hijacked by interjecting something totally unrelated.  it needs to stop.  it becomes completely counter-productive and it's disrespectful to the author who is trying to focus on an issue that should be important to EVERY iranian.   

everyone on this blog... EVERYONE... needs to remember that the next time they want to start something irrelevant on a blog.

peace out. 


Fred my dear

by IRANdokht on

I knew you'd be magically drawn to this post ;-)



A feat to be marveled at

by Fred on

Under the fig leaf of patriotism defending the Islamist republic’s illegal full cycle nuke program, skipping over its massive and ongoing purchases of offensive weapons from Russia, Belarus and North Korea which are fortified with continuous bellicose warmongering statements by the Islamist officials all the while condemning scared neighbors for taking preventive defensive measures- is a feat to be marveled at.


Darius jan

by IRANdokht on

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China my friend?

I posted a blog criticizing the way Clinton and her Middle East specialists are speaking of the Persian Gulf.

Why do you bring up Gaza and Palestine and Ahmadinejad? why do you say Huffington Post knows better? knows what better? what does Huffington post have to do with it? it's just the place I found the article, it's not Ariana's personal opinion, if that's what you're saying!

Why can't we agree on the Persian gulf? why did you think it was funny to call the Persian gulf Gaza gulf? what is funny about Persian gulf being called Palestinian gulf?  why would that amuse you my friend?

So you don't want to get into a debate with me but you don't mind attacking the post "drive by shooting" style?





by I say (not verified) on

Thanks for posting the link!

Ahmadinejad or what he says is unimportant (since he could very well be replaced) compared to what the Supreme leader, Haj agha Seyyid Ali, the permanent pharoah of Iran, has said today in the 4th Gaza conference organized in Tehran, Iran, with a gathering of all known and unknwon terrorists and criminals.

The lunatic mullah is deliberately encouraging war, destruction and devestation upon poor defenseless Iranian people.

Darius Kadivar

Irandokht Jaan, Well I guess the Huffington Post knows better

by Darius Kadivar on

Having Feelings is one thing and being naively manipulated by events is another ...

I am just amazed by how easily we Iranians allow our patriotism and feelings to be highjacked by our enemies.



And Should I add with Iranians Tax Money ... For other purposes than "Humanitarian Aid" ... 

Any way I am not here to debate with you on this matter, you are entitled to your opinion and feelings and I know that in your heart you sincerely want the good of Iran and Iranians.

But Being Alert and stepping out to see the bigger picture never hurts.







No hard feelings DK jan

by IRANdokht on

I just didn't find your comment funny.
We can disagree on a lot of issues, but to mock people who care about Iran and Persia is in poor taste.

The open-minded Iranians care about human rights violations that happened in Gaza and have been happening to Palestinians for a long time as well as everywhere else in the world, not just Iran. Caring about humanity and caring about Iran goes hand in hand my dear.

It's only the humane thing to do!



Why does she never say anything?

by I say (not verified) on

I wonder why this lady never prepares a petition (since she is so good at signing petitions) against the war mongering conferences constantly being organized in Iran by the Iranian government?!!

Darius Kadivar

I suggest the "Palestinian Gulf of Gaza" instead ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I think its Only Fair, after all we don't know our priorities when it comes to Iranian Patriotic feelings.

Oh and didn't Khamenei or Ahmadinejad suggest the Gulf of Islam ?

No Hard Feelings Irandokht Jaan, just kidding ... ;0)