Iran condemns arrest warrant against Sudanese president
05-Mar-2009 (8 comments)

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi condemned on Thursday the arrest warrant issued against Sudanese president, the official IRNA news agency reported. It was an "unjust and politically motivated" move orchestrated by the hegemonist powers, Qashqavi was quoted as saying. The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the country's restive western region of Darfur. "Issuance of such an arrest warrant is violation of international laws," Qashqavi said, adding that it "violates sovereignty and immunity of statesmen worldwide, runs counter to Vienna convention of 1961 and is an unacceptable practice for international community."

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rosie is roxy is roshan

Hyperbole?   I think

by rosie is roxy is roshan on


 I think mullahs' crimes in 1988 alone, as regards the summary executions of thousands upon thousands of political prisoners makes every world criminal's crime look pale in comparison

I mean you just talked about six offense, honest. It's just that it seems we fundamentally concur that IRI is guilty of crimeshumanity, postion that few on the "new Left" here are willing to clearly articulate, and for which I therefore am not appreciated when I do so, since I am one of them (Interesting the OLD left is VERY clear on this, they LEARNED their lessons the hard way and they don't f around with this kind of thing).

My point to you in this post is that hyperbole thoroughly discredits legitimate and IMPORTANT arguments. It must be avoided at all costs. The important thing isn't whether IRI is THE worst or TENTH worst or 100th worst...The ONLLY important thing is that they're guilty of crimes against humanity and that people have to 'fess up to this. It's the only thing that matters. 


To Rosie

by Why not? (not verified) on

Mullahs do not accept this fact that six million innocent Jews were massacred by Hitler and consider it a myth while the whole world accepts it and has proven visible undeniable records of it, adn you expect them to accept the genocide in Darfur just because the world admits to it?!!!!!!!!!!

Mullahs have got their own version of everyhting including human rights, democracy, etc. even their own version of facts and truth.

P.S. I think mullahs' crimes in 1988 alone, as regards the summary executions of thousands upon thousands of political prisoners makes every world criminal's crime look pale in comparison. I hope one day there is an independant investigation for the world to see the extent of their crimes.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Of course I know that, why not, my friend. They are wiley

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

and unscrupulous (as was the Bush administration (I am HOPING for something a liiiiiiiittle better over time from Obama's). What surprises me is that IRI would do such a thing at the exact moment when they are promoting their war crimes conference. It seems like a strategic blunder to me and they don't usually blunder that much. Now I WAS going to say that Bush's admin was WORSE than IRI in terms of numbers killed, far worse, but the fact of the matter is that when you are in collusion with the Sudanese government you are in collusion with one of the worst attempts at genocide in history, and the whole world knows it. While it is true that the world did not exactly make Darfur the highest priority progress has slowly been made and the Sudanese government is held responsible for evey single thing. I was talking about pragmatics, this is very bad PR for IRI. I should've made myself clearer. I guess I was operating under the assupmption that my stance toward the IRI was well-known enough to be taken as axiomatic but of course that's not the case. Thanx for the reply.

PS I would've thought that at least they would've shut up about it. Maybe they are stupid as well as vicious after all.


To Rosie

by Why not? (not verified) on

Why do you think this relationship is not possible?!

Mullahs have had very good relationships with Communist dictatorships in Cuba and North Korea, with the tyrant in Venezuela, with Morales in Bolivia, and other parts of the world.

They constantly tear themselves apart and spend billions for Sunni Muslim Palestinians while they hang their own Sunni muslim Iranians in Kurdistan and Baluchistan. They were even helping out the Sunni insurgents in Iraq and Talebans while some "Iran experts" like Robin Wright (lol!) came on American television day in day out REFUSING to believe that mullahs' cooperation with Sunni Talebans or insurgents in Iraq against America was possible.

Their agenda has nothing to do with religion or being muslims! They consider America the much bigger enemy! Haven't you figured that out yet?


Larijani considers the arrest warrant as an insult to IRI

by لاريجانی (not verified) on

با 2009 Friday 06 March
لاريجانی: حکم البشیر توهين به جمهوری اسلامی است
رئيس مجلس شوراي اسلامي حکم دادگاه بين المللي لاهه را مبني بر بازداشت رئيس جمهور سودان توهين آشکار به دولت اين کشور و همه کشورهای اسلامی دانست.

علي لاريجاني که در صدر هيأتي به سودان سفر کرده است هنگام ورود به اين کشور در مصاحبه با خبرنگاران افزود آناني که ادعاي دفاع از حقوق بشر دارند با حمايت از صدور اين حکم غيرقانوني، آغاز مناسبي را براي حکم خود رقم نزدند.

رييس مجلس شوراي اسلامي و هيئت همراه قرار است تا ساعتي ديگر با مقامات بلندپايه سوداني ديدار و گفتگو کنند.

لاريجاني هدف از سفر خود به سودان را حمايت قاطع از رئيس و دولت سودان و مخالفت با حکم اخير دادگاه کيفري لاهه اعلام کرد.


حکم البشیر؛ وحشت امامان جمعه رژیم آخوندی

احمد خاتمي (not verified)

2009 Friday 06 March
حکم البشیر؛ وحشت امامان جمعه رژیم آخوندی
امام جمعه موقت تهران امروز با اشاره به حکم اخير دادگاه بين المللي لاهه برای دستگیری رئيس جمهور سودان گفت ما اقدام چنين دادگاهي را شدیدا محکوم مي دانيم.

احمد خاتمي افزود: اين استفاده ابزاري از نهادهاي بين المللي است که به شدت آنرا محکوم مي کنيم.

امام جمعه موقت تهران جرم رئیس جمهور سودان را اجراي شريعت (تجاوز به زنان و کودکان) دانست و تصريح کرد يکي از ديپلمات هاي خارجي به صراحت براي سوداني ها پيغام داده است که نبايد به دنبال اجراي شريعت باشند وگرنه با چنين برخوردهايي مواجه مي شوند.

احمد خاتمي در ادامه به برگزاري کنفرانس بين المللي حمايت از فلسطين در تهران اشاره کرد و گفت اين کنفرانس نشان داد ايران ام القراي جهان اسلام است.

امام جمعه موقت تهران گفت ما نمي توانيم سرنوشت خود را از جهان اسلام جدا بدانيم و بايد همواره يار مظلوم و دشمن ظالم باشيم و اين مبنايي غيرقابل انکار است.

احمد خاتمي گفت حالا که نوبت به بازسازي غزه رسيده است عده اي که به نظر مي رسد کارشان دلالي سياسي است نشسته اند و مي گويند کمک ها را به چه کسي بدهيم. در صورتي که پاسخ اين سؤال معلوم است که کمک ها را بايد به کساني بدهيم که دولت قانوني فلسطين (تروریستهای حماس) هستند.

امام جمعه موقت تهران با بيان اينکه اين دلالان سیاسی (شرکت کنندگان در کنفرانس شرم الشیخ) مي گويند مي خواهند کمک ها را به دولت خودگردان فلسطینی بدهيم، گفت: اين يعني برخورد ظالمانه و غيرعادلانه.


can't wait..

by delldaar on

I can't wait to see the day that the international community issues arrest warrant for the IRI criminals, and I don't think that day is far.

rosie is roxy is roshan

I don't get it..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

how is this possible? I haven't been following the IRI relationship to Sudan. How can this be while they're having that war crimes summit? The Sudanese government is one of the most genocidal in history. I know they are Muslim and the Darfurians are not and I know the Muslims are mostly not black and the Darfurians are but Ahmadinejad was just in black is this possible? How can iri adopt this stance and why? I don't understand.