Iran summit on Gaza ends with call to end blockade
Agence France Presse
05-Mar-2009 (4 comments)

A two-day international conference organised by Iran in aid of Gaza and the Palestinians ended Thursday with a call to end the Israeli blockade of the enclave, the state television website said "We urge the international community to take efforts for ending the three-year blockade of Gaza," a statement issued by the organisers at the end of the summit said."We support and approve the natural right of Palestine nation which is resisting against the Zionist occupation."Israel sealed the impoverished Gaza territory to all but humanitarian goods in June 2007 when Hamas, an Islamist group pledged to Israel's destruction, seized power in the enclave booting out forces loyal to moderate Mahmud Abbas.The Iran summit ended late Thursday by accusing the United States of "defending organised terrorism by offering unlimited support to the Zionist regime."Iran does not recognise Israel and is a staunch supporter of the militant Hamas.

News Goffer

..and israel said "aye aye!"

by News Goffer on

Everybody, meet all you want and talk all you want and issue statements to your hearts' content!

No negotiation, no statement, and most importantly no action can have fruitful results unless ALL parties to the dispute are present and are vested in finding a solution.  What was happening with Hillary Clinton's trip promises to be a lot more productive than any of these costly get-togethers and chest beatings.  Put your hopes only in events that include BOTH parties.  As for Iran, it would be a good start to recognize Israel and start talking to them directly as opposed to in round-about ways.

This type of action and jargon has brought Iran nothing but isolation and skepticism from other countries, impacting and limiting Iran's ability to help anyone, least of all itself.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Thanks for the info, but France isn't Britain. Britain has a

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

more ambivalent stance toward the EU due to locationo and cultural ties with the United States, to such point that as you know Blair was considererd lap dog for such a person as George Bush. for Britian to proclaim such an intention implies either a widening rift with the US or a collusion. In light of their at the same time using the Kerry report to give a green light to charges of war crimes against Israel, I hypothesize a strategic collusion there are many many players and the best that can be hoped for n the short run is a stalemate. Obama can't do such a thing, but Britain's so doing increases the possibility of a stalemate, an impasse. Results or no It' about perception in the eyes of all parties concerned. And for time being a stalemate is an excellent thing. There isn't any white phosphorus in stalemates.


France had negotiated with Hizbullah long before Britain

by Gullible (not verified) on

France had negotiated with Hizbullah long before Britain with no tangible results. So They've been negotiating for long and can negotiate for ever but where are the results?! Hizbullah still wants to control Lebanon in its entirety and destroy Israel if it gets the chance.

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well first of all what they actually said was "oy vey" You don't

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

speak Yiddush, do you? Second of all I agree with you that Clinton was productive. I believe there are four thiings she can't say: 1) Israel has no right to defend herself; 2) we will negotiatie with Hamas; 3) Israeli leadership should be tried for war crimes and 4) ALL blockade restrictions should be lifted immediately. For various reasons she can't say these tihngs. But Gritian can say them for her and they've just started. They have given the green light to European-based war crimes trials and they have announced negotiations with Hezbollah, which is one step away from Hamas. The issue of the blockade is being dealt with by loosening and circumventing it as much as possible; and as for the defending itself statement, it's just...rhetoric, northing more. So I'm cautiously optimistic' nonetheless I'm about to post an extremely lugubrious interpretation.