Perplexing case of detained U.S. reporter in Iran
The Los Angeles Times / Borzou Daragahi
06-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

The case has perplexed friends and colleagues in Tehran. No charges have been filed, though officials have described her reporting as illegal. On Friday, an Iranian prosecutor said she would be freed within days. But the detention of the ambitious 31-year-old has stunned and unsettled the journalists who knew Saberi in Tehran. They describe her as a cautious and serious journalist who tried to forge a normal life in the Islamic Republic."She is serious as a reporter," said one journalist who knows Saberi but like many interviewed for this report asked not to be named. "Recently, we heard her reporting, which was said to be only straight news, was somehow tolerated by authorities, which is what made the news of her arrest come as a shock."

News Goffer

let her go now!

by News Goffer on

Why are people "perplexed?"  IRI is the land of censorship, media monopoly, and newspaper bans.  Oops, almost forgot!  They also have several mysterious deaths and murders and numerous counts of imprisonment of journalists and writers.

This is consistent but stil horriffic.  Everyone should raise a big stink for them to let her go.



sabr kon

by alborzi (not verified) on

IRI will respond to respect and will not respond to force. Thats their ideology. She is going to be freed even if she was convicted of the worst crimes. As the saying goes "gar sabr koni, ze ghore halva sazam". You see the western culture has made these guys restless, as they say relax, it will be ok.