Iran president's vulnerabilities showing
The Los Angeles Times / Borzou Daragahi/Ramin Mostaghim
10-Mar-2009 (one comment)

Bad news hammered Iran's hard-line president today as a restless parliament rejected major elements of his proposed budget, a powerful cleric defeated his ally for a key post and a former prime minister announced that he was gunning for his job in upcoming elections.The setbacks suggest the multiple vulnerabilities of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as well as an emboldening of his rivals, ahead of June elections that could heavily influence the country's relations with the West and its domestic political climate.

News Goffer

don't be fooled, he's the leader's pet!

by News Goffer on

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not, has not become, and will never be qualified for the position he has filled as President of Iran.  Four years of on-the-job training has not helped him, either.  He continues to make the same mistakes in his public statements and his assenine approach to Iranian economy continues to further endanger and hurt ordinary Iranian people.  He has put his nation in the harm's way through provoking other countries to sanction and plan attacks on Iran.  He has personally gone after university students who protested his presence at Amir Kabir University, and has gleefully welcomed violence on Iranian women for hejab.

He will win this election, too, however, not because he is popular, because he isn't, but because Mr. Khameni wants him there.  I doubt the miracle that happened with Khatami's first term might happen again this time where the nation's will was so cohesive and energetic, they all showed up to vote not for Khatami, but against Mr. Khamenei's choice, Nateq Nouri.