Iraq says still at odds with Iran over border
10-Mar-2009 (7 comments)

Iraq and Iran are seriously at odds on defining their land and sea borders, Baghdad's foreign minister said in comments on Monday that showed the neighbors, despite improved ties, have not resolved old tensions."We have very big problems with the Iranian side with setting and drawing the land, sea and coastal borders," the minister, Hoshiyar Zebari, told Iraqi television station al-Sharqiya."We also have problems with the Shatt al-Arab channel. Our long-time attempts to convince Iran about the necessity and the importance of moving forward together, in order to avoid problems, have been frustrated," he said.

News Goffer

paging iri's foreign ministry

by News Goffer on

It's true that when you have several high, higher, highest, and supreme leaders in a country, not to mention its golden-tongued Nateq Nouris and Sepaah leaders, the Foreign Ministry's role becomes moot and its minister turns into a pointless figure, but come on you guys!  All of our borders seem to be under attack and quesions.  Why, oh, why would this still be an issue?  Why hasn't it been addressed and ended when Iran was in a lot stronger position to negotiate?  From Iran's share in the Caspian Sea to the three islands and now our borders with Iraq, who is negotiating for Iran?  Who is in charge? 



NG: Iran is not interested

by teapot (not verified) on

NG: Iran is not interested in negotiation. When are we going to get that through our thick skulls?


Good or bad, IRI has not given any land to anyone

by Abarmard on

Does anyone even reads the documents or just listens to Channel One for the source of information?

Iran will make a deal that would not change the current borders but allows Iraq to have the access to water ways. It's not too complicated.



Why is this an issue?

by MRX1 on

The border was set by that bad, bad evil shah right? Plus why does omat islam need borders? I AM SERIOUS. we have been hearing for the past thirty years that there is no such thing as nationalism and we are all islamic brothers. The so called educated omatist on this site occasionaly uses phrazes like  "bani adam azayeh yek digarand". Apparently there was no issue when the regime gave away 90% of Iranian right in Caspian sea but some how this is an issue?



by Border Collie (not verified) on

"There have also been suggestions from within the Iraqi government that Iraq wants to renegotiate a 1975 border treaty, an idea that has been rejected by Iran."

Why stop at 1975? Why renegotiate? If they want anything it should be to "negotiate" not renegotiate. Renegotiating means "acknowledging" and approving the treaty first. Right?

As for News Goffer's question on disputed territories in Caspian, 3 islands and now the old shatt-ol-arab river, what are they going to do in the end? Start a war? Iran is in charge of their territories for now and that is all that matters.

This is not something that is going to lead to a war and if it does (like this article said it did in the Iran-Iraq war) whoever ends up in charge of the territory is what matters. If no one ends up in charge, like in Kashmir for example, that would be another story.


Thanks to IRI Iran defended

by Jaleho on

its borders even when the ENTIRE world was supporting Saddam during the 8 year Iran-Iraq war. Saddam had claimed Ahvaz, the islands of Tunbs and Abu musa and all of arvand rood. He had already a good chunck of Iran with a genocidal support of the west who provided him with chemical weapons, and even US direct military attack on Iran. Iraq had the combined finances of Arab countries on its back. Yet the Iranians under the wise leadership of IRI took evey bit of our land and more.

 If there is any shame to go around it belongs to former regime of Shah who gave Bahrain, one of Iran's districts, to Arabs as a forced thank you to Brits who imposed him against the wishes of majority of Iranian via a foreign-designed coup.

Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

Makes me sick to think these incompetent mullahs running our beloved homeland. These criminal Akhoondes are Arabs who only speak Persian & working together with Arab countries to rub Iran & Iranians.  It is time to rise against these uncivilized Arabs.

Payandeh IRAN