Glad to hear it officially admits mistake
12-Mar-2009 (4 comments)
The pope made a personal analysis of the case in a letter to the world's Catholic bishops made public by the Vatican on Thursday, seeking to end one of the most serious crises of his nearly four-year papacy. >>>
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Vatican admits mistake!

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I hope that the Jewish community finds some solace in the public apology.  While it should not have happened at all to begin with, rest assured that most Catholics were shocked and dismayed.  Peace between both communities is valued and important.


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talk about a "spin"

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the church finally trying to come to grips with evolution!  are there any specific issues of conflict between judaism and science that you find hard to deal with?  as a progressive catholic, the hardest thing i find is trying to EXPLAIN the contradictions.  i usually just give

yusef.  i don't take it with disrespect and thank you for making that clear.  being just a human, i don't have all the answers myself.  you say "if"... you know, shoulda, coulda, woulda.  but he didn't!  so was that divine intention for the church... or a mistake?  also. please don't judge christianity by the mistakes of the vatican.  it unfortunately has become more political than spiritual.  it doesn't diminish faith. 


As a Jew

by Yusef (not verified) on

I can't believe in Christianity and the mistakes by Vatican is a proof to me. I don't mean any disrespect but if Jesus had returned then there would be no Church. The most constructive part of the Bible is the old testament anyways.


Good news

by tsion on

It is really good to hear. Vatican has also accepted evolution and shunned away the creationist nut jobs. I have to say, ever since Vatican II, I am quite impressed with the Vatican.