Obama's opening to Iran
Boston Globe
12-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

In a genuine US-Iran dialogue, particularly one that builds upon mutually beneficial actions in Afghanistan, Obama would have valuable incentives to offer Iranian leaders if they agreed to forgo a nuclear weapons capability. They could have a guarantee of nuclear fuel supplies for peaceful uses, even a uranium enrichment facility on Iranian soil - provided it was outfitted with technology that prevented Iran from diverting what was produced there for use in a military program.Iranian policy makers might also obtain the equivalent of a no-regime-change guarantee from Washington. In return for ceasing to play the spoiler and divider in Lebanon, the Palestinian arena, and the Arab world generally, Iran could be included in regional organizations and have a say in commercial and security matters that affect its interests. In this way, Iran could follow a diplomatic path to the recognition it seeks as a major power in its region.

News Goffer

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by News Goffer on

This article, like many others, suggests that the US make the peace offering of "no regime change in Iran,"  among other things. 

I wonder why that idea keeps popping up everywhere.  I mean I do understand covert operations to overthrow a government, but I don't understand how this could be a real and serious item in any negotiation!  Who would admit to to wanting to overthrow another government, and then make a peace offering by way of promising abstinence!  And what fool who is somehow convinced his negotiation partner is capable of overthrowing him would shake hands on that promise of abstinence?  It just sounds really surreal to me.



One should ask ...

by Retard finder (not verified) on

When and where in history did you ever witness the American, British or any government wanting to overthrow another government to announce its intentions beforehand and then succeeds in doing it?!!!!