Obama renews US sanctions on Iran
13-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

US President Barack Obama has extended sanctions against Iran for one year, saying it continues to pose a threat to US national security. In a message to the US Congress, Mr Obama said Iran was acting contrary to US interests in the region. The sanctions, which ban US companies from investing or trading with Iran, have been renewed annually since 1995. The US fears Iran's nuclear programme is a cover to build atomic weapons, a charge Iranian officials deny.

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رابطه ایران و آمریکا؛ مصائب و مشکلات

Abbas Abdi (not verified)


Tighten the screws Mr. President

by Fred on

Great news, President Obama has got to use his worldwide popularity to have the rest of the civilized world along with the U.S. tighten the sanctions against the Islamist republic.

The recipe that has been tried and proven successful is, no armed intervention, helping the enslaved population with moral and material support to overthrow the tyrants and denying the oppressor resources to better equip and reward its mercenary forces to oppress even more.

The civilized world has got to plug the gaping holes in the sanctions especially in the high technology surveillance/communications field where the Islamists republic is using to great effect in its suppression of the vast nationwide democracy movements in Iran. 

 The civilized world does not have the luxury of time nor other viable option except helping Iranians help them by excising this malignant Islamist republic tumor.