An interview with the young author !
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24-Mar-2009 (3 comments)

Conspiracy theories are popular in this region [Middle East] for a good reason: they allow us to perceive ourselves as powerless victims and blame our shortcomings and insecurities on others. For decades, Baha’is have been painted as the enemy within, plotting and conspiring to harm their nations and act against its interests. In order to confront these allegations, 18 year old Adib Masumian wrote a book titled, “Debunking the Myths” in which he analyzes and refutes the accusations made against the Baha’i Faith. Adib kindly consented to an interview with the Mideast Youth Network on the claims made against Baha’is, and how he addresses them in his book.


Debunking the Myths

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I wish that people instead of listening to the baseless rumors, slanders and  false accusations,they would study the essence of Baha u llah's teachings and His words. I wish there would be  an open debate in an unbiased mass media, so the truth would be know to all!

I woner why the IRI that has millions of supporters does not let such a debate take place in their mass media so that once for all the truth could be known to all the people.




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