Iran has interest in a stable Afghanistan, Clinton says
Los Angeles Times / Paul Richter
30-Mar-2009 (one comment)

There has been speculation for weeks that the Obama administration would try to press forward with its diplomatic overture to Iran at today's international conference, which the United States proposed early this month."The fact that they accepted an invitation suggests that they believe there is a role for them to play" in Afghanistan, Clinton said. Iran's participation in such events is considered unpredictable. In December, Iranian officials abruptly dropped plans to attend a French-sponsored conference on Afghanistan.

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Cameron A. Batmanghlich


by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on

I am writing this last comment to you ONLY so you and you alike do not think that I 'az meydoon dar raftam’.

First of all …  ANYONE who supports Israel at THIS time when on a daily basis the leadership of Israel is threatening to attack Iran is NOT and can possibly not be an Iranian patriot as it is an oxymoron.

Second of all it does not take much intelligence to recognize that what the Israeli leadership is doing …  so look into the mirror and re evaluate your own level of intelligence.

Third of all, this propaganda crap that YOU and all other pro- Israeli and Zionist come with day in day out that Hamas is not the same as Palestinians and Hezbollah does not represent the Lebanese is so ridiculous that it is obvious to everyone except those who are totally brain washed and try to brain wash others.

You talk about Israeli civilians being targeted?  Are you an idiot or trying hard to pose as one?   Google the subject and see the numerous videos of how Palestinians are being beaten up, shot at and killed by Isreali CIVILIANS in Jerusalem and elsewhere. 

Get it right.  Hamas WON an election …  let me write it again so that you can get it …  Hamas won the election and Palestinians voted for them  …  if you want me to write it again so that you understand, please let me know.  This means that they represented the Palestinians and thus they WERE THE STATE of Palestine, with a prime minister and a cabinet which the Israelis would kidnap and put in jail.

Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government (want me to write it again?)

Israel is deliberately … once again so that your two brain cells can process it …DELIBERTLY targeting the civilians.  There are numerous accounts for it, and  not ONLY from that last assault but since the Israeli conception as part of thier ethic cleansing.

Israel is targeting civilians not only militarily but also through starvation, cutting off medical supplies and the list is long that you would need days to go through.

You defend a MONSTER, a racist, fascist, Nazi like state which poses the biggest threat to Iran and still want to give the impression that you care about Iran?   Khar khodeti!!!

Last, as far as I am concerned, real Jews (not the ones who throughout history converted) and Palestinians are the same people …  this is an old family feud … read your old testament and you will know what I am talking about. 

And by the way name calling and attempting to labeling me won’t work …  so don’t waste your breath.


I am not going to write to you anymore as I find your political view obscene and not worth another minute of my time to be spent on and so I also set you free from replying so that you can pay homage to war criminals such as A. Sharon, Simon Perez or pray for your ex. president who was convicted of rape and your other generals who are wanted in the international courts for genocide.