Tiny Island Surrounded by Tension in the Gulf
New York Times / Michael Slackman and Robert F. Worth
30-Mar-2009 (27 comments)

The conflict exploded into a diplomatic confrontation last month after being seized on by Arab leaders who were already angry and felt threatened by Iran’s involvement and rising influence in Lebanon, Iraq and Gaza. It also came at a time when some Arab leaders were still furious over Iran’s criticism of their response to the Israeli offensive in Gaza. The president of Egypt and the king of Jordan flew to Bahrain. Morocco took the extreme step of severing diplomatic ties with Iran. The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia called on Arab states to “deal with the Iranian challenge.” State-controlled news media across the region leveled sharp criticism against Tehran.

Ali Lakani

Arabs unite against Iran

by Ali Lakani on

Focus on Arab interests was not a safe basket for Iran to hold all its regional eggs.  All the attention Iran gave to Gaza has made Arab leaders lose face with their people and they are taking things out on Iran now.  This is what happens when you become kaseh dagh tar az ash.



kaveh Nouraee

by Dariush (not verified) on

One doesn't need to be a Jew to be a Zionist. Zionism Is not a religion. It is an ideology created originally by bunch of nonbelievers, racists and fascists who claimed they were the inferior just like Hitler, British and some Americans. They just fooled and used the Jews and Christians as they do today. I know a few Iranian Muslim born, but nonbelievers who are Zionists and defend Israeli Zionists for all the crimes they have committed.
You sound like this guy on the phone with George.


As for your crimes? You can not hide them these days. Watch these clips!
The Zionist story.

Your eyes are still popping out. I think you should see a psychiatrist, as well as a doctor!


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I don't know from where you received such information, but that is some of the most unbelievably false material I have read.

Currently, Jews in South Africa number around 70,000. The Dutch settlers who controlled the area restricted immigration of non-Christians. The Aliens Act of 1937 was enacted to keep Jews from emigrating from Europe to escape the Nazis, going so far as to cancel visas that were already issued.

If you are talking about the South African Zionist Church, that's a Christian church.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I happen to be a staunch defender of the almighty bong. I would never use the word in vain. I mentioned it as it appears that the bong itself was used in vain, which I think is even more sacriligious. I have a tremendous respect for its magical powers. Some people want to save the manatees, I say save the bongs!

As to the rest of what you said, I agree, that both sides need to hurry up and start marking borders soon.


Look here, Kaveh Nouraee

by Ostaad on

I was going to stay out of whatever is going on between you and Cameron since you guys were going at it pretty good. Until you un-wittingly, dissed the almighty BONG. Let me tell you, boy, if you mention the word "bong" in vain and disrespect again, man midoonam o toh.

Seriously, I agree with you that whatever Natanyabu says about attacking Iran is to make up for the lack of vision and viable economic plans for Israel. So taking cheap shot at a distant enemy, who has done the same on many occasions for the same reasons, is quite understandable. No biggie.

So f++ing what that "there has never been a state of Palestinian"? There has never been a stat of Israel either. In fact the US is doing them a favor by pushing the two-state "solution", otherwise the Jews will be swimming in a sea of Palestinians if they don't hurry up and mark the borders between them and the state of Palestine soon.

Anyway, I said all these things because I can't stand by and take it when a peeps squick insults the innocent and defenseless BONGS whose sole function is to get you high. Do you have a problem with that?!!!



kaveh Nouraee

by Dariush (not verified) on

The same Zionists who control and run Israel today, ran South Africa before. They treated the Africans then, about the same as Palestinians now. There was no Hamas or Hezbollah there. So why did they? You see, the Zionists are fascists by nature. They picked that from The Nazis and got even worse.

What about 40/50/60 years ago. Did the Palestinians have any rockets to send to Israel? Yet, Israel destroyed their cities, homes and killed hundreds of thousands. Was there a Hamas then? It was Fatah who you don't bitch about now, because they don't resist the occupation any more. You Zionist's problem is the resistance against the occupation and expansion not Fatah, Hamas, Iran or any other country for that matter.

If it wasn't for Hamas and Hezbollah, there wouldn't be a Palestine or Lebanon today. They would be part of Israel. Israel is a cancer growing in the region. If not stoped, it will spread to the world and world will face what Palestine and Lebanon is facing today.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

First of all, you and your kind are the LAST PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THIS OR ANY OTHER PLANET to determine the criteria for being considered an Iranian patriot.

Do you understand THAT? Is that clear enough for even you?

What you know about patriotism and loyalty takes up less space than a raindrop.

Israel threatens to attack. BIG F**KING DEAL. It's like a TOP 40 radio station.....hearing the same crap over and over again. All four Beatles will reunite before such a thing happens. 

I suppose I overestimated your intelligence, believing that you of all people would understand the concept of "posturing" or "showing off"? After all, you do it so well, with your holier than thou pontification on the concept of righteousness and good versus evil.

Lesson learned. I will no longer assume that you are able to grasp simple concepts again. If you like, I'll also type slower, just in case you don't read so fast.

Fortunately for me, the two brain cells of mine that you've apparently seen still carry more factual information than your entire central nervous system.

You're right, it doesn't take much intelligence to figure out what Israel's leadership is doing. Same can be said for Hamas and Hezbollah. Makes me wonder why you have difficulty figuring that out.

No, Hamas is not the same as the Palestinians. Get that through your thick skull. The rest of the world has. Hamas won the election.....what election? You call that farce an election?

Is that what you call that charade the mollahs are putting together in Iran too? An election?

Puff, puff, pass, Cameron.

And before you reach for the bong again, yes Hezbollah is Lebanese. I never denied they were Lebanese. I said they're not Palestinian.

There has never been a state of Palestine, Cameron. Your idealism has once again stood in the way of you comprehending reality.

Yes, it's horrible that these people do not have access to many basic necessities, be it food, medicine, or personal items, just for starters. But have you given even teh briefest thought to the idea that maybe if these animals who you adore so much and look up to with reverence weren't using that as an opportunity to smuggle weapons in, this wouldn't be happening?

Can you grasp that concept, or shall I use crayon?

I'm curious....what the hell makes you an authority on what constitutes a "real" Jew.? Are you a closet rabbi? A Talmudic scholar, perhaps? A graduate of a yeshiva?

Your comments indicate that you seem to look upon Judaism as a race rather than a religion. That in and of itself disqualifies you from saying anything on the matter that can be taken with any degree of seriousness. At least you're consistent.

If labelling you is ineffective, then tell me why you undertook such a grand effort to label me?

What I did was expose you for the insincere, two faced elitist bigoted hypocrite you truly are.

Correction: You exposed yourself.

Your last paragraph, I have to tell you, made me laugh. You are such an abject p***y. Set me free? That's hilarious, coming from a prisoner of his own socio-political ideological gulag.

Cameron A. Batmanghlich


by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on

I am writing this last comment to you ONLY so you and you alike do not think that I 'az meydoon dar raftam’.

First of all …  ANYONE who supports Israel at THIS time when on a daily basis the leadership of Israel is threatening to attack Iran is NOT and can possibly not be an Iranian patriot as it is an oxymoron.

Second of all it does not take much intelligence to recognize that what the Israeli leadership is doing …  so look into the mirror and re evaluate your own level of intelligence.

Third of all, this propaganda crap that YOU and all other pro- Israeli and Zionist come with day in day out that Hamas is not the same as Palestinians and Hezbollah does not represent the Lebanese is so ridiculous that it is obvious to everyone except those who are totally brain washed and try to brain wash others.

You talk about Israeli civilians being targeted?  Are you an idiot or trying hard to pose as one?   Google the subject and see the numerous videos of how Palestinians are being beaten up, shot at and killed by Isreali CIVILIANS in Jerusalem and elsewhere. 

Get it right.  Hamas WON an election …  let me write it again so that you can get it …  Hamas won the election and Palestinians voted for them  …  if you want me to write it again so that you understand, please let me know.  This means that they represented the Palestinians and thus they WERE THE STATE of Palestine, with a prime minister and a cabinet which the Israelis would kidnap and put in jail.

Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government (want me to write it again?)

Israel is deliberately … once again so that your two brain cells can process it …DELIBERTLY targeting the civilians.  There are numerous accounts for it, and  not ONLY from that last assault but since the Israeli conception as part of thier ethic cleansing.

Israel is targeting civilians not only militarily but also through starvation, cutting off medical supplies and the list is long that you would need days to go through.

You defend a MONSTER, a racist, fascist, Nazi like state which poses the biggest threat to Iran and still want to give the impression that you care about Iran?   Khar khodeti!!!

Last, as far as I am concerned, real Jews (not the ones who throughout history converted) and Palestinians are the same people …  this is an old family feud … read your old testament and you will know what I am talking about. 

And by the way name calling and attempting to labeling me won’t work …  so don’t waste your breath.


I am not going to write to you anymore as I find your political view obscene and not worth another minute of my time to be spent on and so I also set you free from replying so that you can pay homage to war criminals such as A. Sharon, Simon Perez or pray for your ex. president who was convicted of rape and your other generals who are wanted in the international courts for genocide. 





by Kavoos (not verified) on

Can we be fair and distribute the blame and responsibility among all?

Do you agree that Israel's approach was overt?

I think Hamas IS responsible for so much loss and pain that has happened for Palestenians. None of the parties can be exempt from taking responsibility.(And forgive shabnam for calling you sweetie.she must have forgot that she isn't using her registered ID!)

Kaveh Nouraee

Shabnam Tehrani

by Kaveh Nouraee on

First of all, do not address me as sweetie as I am not your sweetie, nor anything else to you.

Israel targets Hamas and Hezbollah groups that are scattered throughout the Gaza Strip and West Bank, intermingled amongst men, women and children who, yes, have been on the receiving end of Israeli military aggression at times when doing such mindane tasks as going to and from work, picking up groceries, going to a doctor's appointment or visiting friends and/or family. Unfortunately this is one of the effects of guerilla warfare, which is exactly what Hamas and Hezbollah are conducting.

These punks are not fighting the Israeli Defense Forces. Hamas and Hezbollah targets have been strictly civilian. They are gutless pieces of garbage, targeting civilian areas and the unarmed people within those areas, then running back and hiding among unarmed Palestinian civilians.

My problem has never been with the Palestinian people. The problem lies with these sewer rats in Hamas and Hezbollah, who are the real problem. Them and the IRI who bankrolls them with Iranian money, and the miserable apologists who excuse, condone and justify their actions while Iranians are living in misery at home.



by Shabnam Tehrani (not verified) on

Israel isn't at war with the Palestinians. The enemy are Hamas and Hezbollah


Palestinians (hamas and Hezbollah) are not in war with Israel, they are fighting the IDF (is that what is called?)
what kind of logic is that sweetie?

Israel kills really badly and you know that. Don't defend Palestinians, I don't either, but don't justify Israeli actions, it's just wrong. You must be better than that.


Thank you Cameron and Mehrnaz

by Shabnam Tehrani (not verified) on

You are sooooo right.
I am confused why people struggle so hard not to hear what is really happening.
Thank you both, makes me proud to read you.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Get your facts straight.

First of all, DO NOT EVER presume that you have the right to tell me what path to take or what path not to take. Is that clear?

Did I say that Israeli civilians were being attacked by Palestinians? No, I did not. Therefore, kindly refrain from inserting any of your words or otherwise editing what I have written in order to serve your personal agenda, OK?

You are pretty sure about absolutely nothing where I'm concerned. Go ahead and question my loyalties, if that's what gets you excited. Fact remains that you clearly fail to grasp what those loyalties are.

You love to go on and on and on about Israel doing this and Israel doing that. I've never denied that Israel has crossed the line many, many times. But you choose not to read that part. You choose to focus upon my unwavering position that Hamas and Hezbollah are the problem.

You read that, then somehow you reconstitute it as "to hell with the Palestinians".

Yes, I know that this is indeed a war. That being the case, stop crying me and everyone else a river of BS with this "big bad evil Israel has all these sophisticated weapons. They have too much power."

Israel isn't at war with the Palestinians. The enemy are Hamas and Hezbollah. Why is it that you can't (or, in reality WON'T) differentiate between these murderous goons and Palestinians?

Do you lack the intelligence to comprehend that if Israel wanted to they could obliterate everything and everyone inside both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and be done with it?

Do you understand what has prevented that from happening?

Don't give me a stupid answer and say retaliation from other Arab countries, because in the past 60 years not one of them have really lifted a finger to help Palestinians. In reality they care less about the Palestinians than the Israelis do.

The answer is Israel. They know that these animals mingle into the civilian population, making it impossible to completely avoid civilian casualties. That's why there have been civilian casualties, unfortunately. I know you don't like it. As for me, I hate it. But I am realistic. This is a war, yes. And in war, people die. It's ugly, and it's despicable.

What's even more despicable is that the IR is bankrolling this. But you don't seem to take issue with that, do you? Why? Are you concerned that you might not be seen as an Iranian "patriot"? HA! The fact that you condone, excuse, and support it precludes you from being any sort of patriot whatsoever. A sycophantic suckup to the mollahs, perhaps, but not a patriot.

Your suggestion that I don't love Iran or I defend the IRI further proves that all of you miserable, pathetic, bleeding heart elistist leftists have no earthly clue as to what you're talking about. Your argument is getting weaker by the syllable.

If I were peace loving I would "promote the idea of people living next to each other side by side regardless of ethinicty or religion". 

Wow, that's a beautiful thought, An amazing and uplifting concept.

Walt Disney had the same thought in mind when he opened Disneyland in 1955.

(And you're telling ME to be real!!)

When Sir Thomas More wrote his book "Utopia" in 1516, even HE knew that the concept wasn't realistic.


Enquiring Mind & Cameron

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Enquiring Mind, No there is no stats indicating that populations of Arab countries are wishing to emulate the IR theocracy. However, there are many opinion polls that the overwhelming majority in the 'Arab world' are supportive of Iran's stance re its nuclear programme and its stance vis a vis Israeli and US occupations, hegemonic ambitions and violence. They admire Iran's refusal to be a crony of foreign powers and its undoubted progress. As regards matters to do with civil liberties and political and human rights, there is no indication that they wish to emulate Iran's domestic shortcomings and failures. The populations are opposed to and ashamed of the positions of their own client states and look up to Iran's independent foreign policy. However, there is no doubt that external threat consolidates hardline governments, undermines democratic aspirations and feeds extremist ideologies.

Thank you, Cameron, for your comment and analysis.

p.s. Negative references to 'Arabs' is very disturbing on this website, not just from those who shriek "anti-Semitism" whenever Israel is exposed and criticised or Palestinians' rights are acknowledged, but from people who tend to know better ... I wonder what the individual Arabs who might look at this site think of us? Not 'glorious' certainly!

Cameron A. Batmanghlich

Obviously not Kaveh …

by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on

 Obviosly we are not done here. You wane get into the discussion of Israeli and Palestine?   I suggest you do not take that path as even the very powers supporting them for the past 60 years are no more so keen to be associated with the fascists and murderers in Israel.  Being attacked by Palestinians?  Are you for REAL?   Someone comes in kidnaps you and your family, suffocates you to your very bone, humiliates you and you punch back and the you are the bad guy?Kaveh …  I am pretty sure about your political views and pro-Israeli position.  That is fine.  It is a war going on after all.  But just do not present yourself as an Iranian patriot.  Cuz that is just laughable.The administrations of UK, US, Israel all got in and have been unrightfully in the middle east, Africa, S. America and God know where else they have not poked for their own interest.  So again … it is a war and it has been a war for couple of centuries.  A war that has made ordinary people of all walks of life to suffer, being deprived of their human rights as free, peace loving individuals, manipulated into hating each other and working their ass off to pay for weapons used to kill their fellow humans.  I see that and I accept that the situation is this … a war … DO YOU?Again …  you being pro- Israel is fine by me.  Just do not try to convince anyone that you have a love for Iran and you think of Iranians.If you were really peace loving, you would reject the fascist, racist and criminal regime in Israel.  You would promote the idea of people living next to each other side by side REGARDLESS of their ethnicity or religion … a freedom of residing anywhere you want.  You are a Jew … you feel affinity with the land of Palestine?  It is your right as a human being and citizen of the world to reside there.  No one can deny you that.  But don’t STEAL and MURDER to be able to live in that land.  Do not push others out of their homes.  Same goes for everyone else.Israel is and has been one of the most aggressive and ruthless regimes since its conception.   You defend this beast?  Then you must also defend an autocratic, theocratic regime such as IRI.  Then you have no problem when pregnant women are shot, or small boys used by soldiers as human shields or that (according to the reports today) students from Amir Kabir university being detained and tortured till they faint. Just be real.   

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Perhaps it doesn't matter to you if the innocent people being murdered are Arabs, Jews, Hindus, or Iranians. I'll accept that, and hope that you are sincere. Time will tell.

The people I am referring to as "missing" are the ones who shed selective tears. When Israeli civilians are attacked, you hear nothing from these people. But if the victims are Palestinians, all hell breaks loose. This, despite the fact that terrorists are the ones attacking Israeli civilians, while "hiding in plain sight" among civilians in Gaza or the West Bank, putting them in harm's way.

Aligning with the likes of Hugo Chavez or Evo Morales, Hamas or Hezbollah is a defensive strategy? No, it's a declaration that acts of defiance, lawlessness, and violence are acceptable as state policy. They are exactly the leftists who would push their idelology and create another Cuba. You seem to have contradicted yourself.

I don't wish to see anyone being oppressed, Cameron. Regardless of who they are or where they are. But as long as you seem to have one set of rules for Israel, the U.S, and the U.K., and another set of rules for the IR, Venezuela and Bolivia, or for groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, (which aren't even sovereign nations), you won't recognize that.

Yeah, we've been done. Have a great day.


Arabs & Unity

by capt_ayhab on

Arabs and unity are as day and night, they never appear together. Just look at their past 60 years of history.




Cameron A. Batmanghlich


by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on

First of all I have always stood for what I said and will always do so -  with my name attached to it! My cohorts?   Do you mean people who actually felt empathy for innocent people being murdered?  Do you read the news?  Do you see reports of what happened in that tiny strip?  Do you feel NOTHING?Well I do read and I FEEL.Matters not if they are Arabs, Jews, Hindus or Iranians.Expressing one’s protest again crimes and murder is not the same as accepting another inadequate and oppressive regime like IRI or US or UK or many other countries – as the matter of fact most countries. Second of all, IRI domestic policy is horrific.  No one needs to point that out here.  But as far as the foreign policy is concerned particularly about creating Hezbollah and supporting Hamas, aligning itself with Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and many alike is a defensive strategy.  Just as there is a formal organization such as NATO, there are informal ones such as the alliance of Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas, Iran, N. Kora, Venezuela, Russia etc.If there was no such alliance and no such leverage, trust me Iran had been another Iraq long time ago …  got a problem with that???I have maintained and still maintain that Iran must be kept intact and protected from foreign attack FIRST and let Iranians change their regime.  First by the ones who actually LIVE in Iran.  Then if they need help (which they do) WE can help.  But not through bringing in traitors like MKO or a backward system of governance which inherently is discriminating and racist such as monarchy or the left who would do anything to push their ideology and create another Cuba. I will always protest against  injustice, murder, oppression and bullying.   Apparently it is problem for you that also Palestinians or Native Indians in Bolivia and Peru get oppressed …  then we should just shut up.  And oh yea… pointing out the atrocities committed by Israel makes one anti-Semite or IRI agent. As far as the three Islands …  I have only one thing for the shaky puppet Arab rulers to say …  ‘Shotor dar khab binad panbe daneh, gahi lof lof khorad gah dane dane. The Islands are Iranians and will remain that way..  Persian Gulf will not change its name either.  Not as long as all of Iranians – inside and outside – protest and voice their objection. Are we done here?

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

At least you admit it, unlike the rest of your cohorts.

As you are very outspoken, what do you have to say concerning the IRI's continued efforts to exert its influence in neighboring Arab states, with their going so far as to criticize those Arab states for their actions or inactions in the Gaza/West Bank matter?

You and your like-minded associates take extreme issue with the United States or the U.K. exerting their influence in the region, so it must be asked, why do you not take similar issue with the IRI doing the exact same thing?

Javad Yassari

Agha Kaveh

by Javad Yassari on

I don't know who those liberals are and where they are, but I take your word that they are missing.  I believe it is one thing to have personal opinions about world politics which may be anywhere from ultra liberal to ultra conservative.  Everyone is entitled to their political opinions and we can agree or disagree with them.

I think it is really crazy, though, when governments adopt stands on issues which are either ultra this or ultra that!  Governments should take more moderate approaches to world issues or at least voice their opinions more moderately.  It is infinitely more important in international diplomacy to stay in the dialogue for the long haul and to keep the channels open; that's why most countries don't call other countries 'satan' or 'evil' or 'occupiers' or 'terrorist's, etc. Countries or leaders who have done so in recent decades have not enjoyed a lot of world respect and they have weakened their countries through this conduct.

IRI leaders, unfortunately, continue to blunder in this world with their diplomatic language and conduct, costing Iranian people in many ways, most importantly through threats on their lives.

Iranian government has alienated itself further through what has now become a debacle with Arab countries who resent Iran's attempts to appear as the 'savior' of another Arab group.

All ideologically established and ruled governments make the same kind of mistakes, I'm sure you agree, but IRI wins the 'least competent diplomacy' award hands down, IMHO.


To everybody: Please provide verifiable factual data

by Inquiring minds (not verified) on

Is there any verifiable independent survey proving to everybody that majority of Arab people in Arab countries with "UNREPRESENTAIVE" governments, quite unlike IRI, want to emulate Iranian style government and the theocratic sytem of governance in their own countries?

Cameron A. Batmanghlich

To Kaveh N.

by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on

To Kaveh N. I was one them and still am ... and I am here …   got something to say???

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The usual gang of so-called open-minded bleeding hearts who claim to weep daily over the plight of the innocent people of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, yet cheer on the terrorists of Hamas and Hezbolah who put these people in harm's way.

XerXes....It is Persian Gulf, but I found an example of Persian Golf too.


Javad Yassari

That's right, Ostaad, but

by Javad Yassari on

you will have to remember that diplomacy is not a popularity contest with people of countries.  Whether they are elected or not, and whether they are qualified or not, those guys are the leaders of those countries and they feel threatened by IRI.  Iran's foreign diplomacy has not paid attention to the impact its policies have had on these leaders and now cannot manage the consequences.  I wrote something khodemooni (!) about this last night: //iranian.com/main/blog/javad-yassari-16


Just a reminder that SA, Egypt, Jordan, Morroco and...

by Ostaad on

Bahrain do not make up the entire "Arab world", if such a thing ever existed. Iran has very good relations with the Arabs who matter. Iraq, Syria, Algeria and Qatar among others are the ones that Iran must keep on its side. Egype and SA are so yesterday.

Watch for things to heat up in both of those countries.

BTW, as someone pointed out actions of the unrepresentative governments of the few countries that can't stand Iran should not be interpreted as the will of the people of those countries. A lot of people in the "Arab world" look up to Iran either with envy or admiration. 


Arabs no Arab Government

by XerXes (not verified) on

Make that clear. Unlike the Zions that majority support their government, the Arabs are stuck with a puppet system that works to satisfy their boss, the West not their own people. So they are weak in the foundation and no worries there. Iran knows that.

Nader Khan, you are also correct, except it is the Persian Gulf brother not Golf.


Arabs are @ it again.

by Nader Khan (not verified) on

When are we going to learn?
they do not care about their people. Gaza kids were being killed while they turn their head.
Shame on them.
Long live Iran and Persian Golf.