Surgeon Operates on Iran
Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan
06-Apr-2009 (3 comments)

When Sossan returns to Iran to do charity cases, he is usually there for a two-week window. During that time he sees 12-14 patients, does their complex surgeries and is there for the first all-important phase of healing.

"Two weeks is the most I can be away from home," he said. "Therefore, they try to book most of my cases at the front end so I can do their follow-up treatments. They don't give me the easy ones; they give me the ones that no one else wants to do."


We should all learn from this man

by Q on

Great many Iranians in the US live in wealth and have highly technical skills. Just think of what can be done if everyone donated two weeks of their lives to their countrymen? Doctors, Nurses, Professors, Engineers... all are needed. But how many will be humble and selfless enough to do what he's doing?



You gott o respect yourself

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Iran is not a poor African country and the need is not that urgent, but by doing so (and in fact all should do it, they do not need to be doctors). You will humanize the Iranians, there has been an extensive campaign against Iranians, kind of like Germans did to Jews. By forcing such interactions, you will break the walls that these guys try to erect. So do not let them label you as Islamist or .... , You are a humanist, just do it.


iranian of the day!

by sarshar45 on

i just sent this information in to jj and asked him to make this doctor a candidate for iranian of the day. then i saw this recommended news story from Q.

i think what he is doing is fantastic and commendable. iran needs more people like him and the usa needs more people like him! ACTUALLY the entire world needs more selfless people like him.