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« A Show-Trial of Seven Leading Baha’is of Iran A Baha’i Arrested in Semnan » Baha’is Need Justice! (Part 2)

By Dr. Majid Naficy

Editor’s Note: The following is part 2 of Dr. Naficy’s cogent article, translated by Iran Press Watch.

Author’s Biography: Before Dr. Naficy’s article is presented, we offer the following brief biography of the learned author:  Majid Naficy was born in Iran in 1952.  He published poetry, critical reviews and an award-winning children’s book in Iran.  During 1970s, Dr. Naficy was a political activist against the Shah’s regime.  After the 1979 Revolution, as the new regime began to suppress the opposition, his first wife, Izzat Tabaian and his brother Sa’id were among the many to be executed.  He fled Iran in 1983 and eventually settled in Los Angeles with his son Azad.  He has since published six volumes of poetry in English and Persian, as well as numerous other books on literary criticism.  He holds a doctorate in Near Eastern language... >>>

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