Iran becomes biggest wheat importer
Financial Times
18-Apr-2009 (2 comments)

Issa Kalantari, head of the country’s national farmers’ union and a former agriculture minister, has cast doubt on Iran’s ability to maintain wheat self-sufficiency. “Since there is a severe shortage of investment in the agricultural sector the question of self-sufficiency is meaningless,” said Mr Kalantari

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Mehdi Mazloom

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by Mehdi Mazloom on

It is time to shed true light on Iran's despotic regime. Expose their ugly face of backwardness and fundamentalism.

According the their delusional mantra, why buy the cow, if they can get the milk for free. Why invest in Iran's agricultural infrastructure, to be self sufficient?. Rather then try to subjugate the neighbors to grow, and bring it to the "new masters".

Let hope that Iranian people will rise up, and themselves bring about change in Iran for the better. Such that, Iran will be back to its past glory. earn the trust and respect of the region - not  through backward fundamentalism, rather by what it capable of, social, political and economic progress.   


Drought kills wheat.

by OmidKarimi on

Drought kills wheat. Yellowcake gives power. Power gives export. Export gives money. Money buys wheat. Wheat fills tummy.


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