US banks to set up Iran branch: Report
19-Apr-2009 (6 comments)

The banks made a formal request to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) about 20 days ago to establish a branch in the country, the Jaam-e-Jam newspaper quoted an informed source as saying.

"If the CBI approves their request, these four banks will set up a temporary branch in an Iranian free trade zone," the source told Jaam-e-Jam, without revealing the names of the other two banks.

"If they can work according to Iran's banking law, they will be allowed to open branches in Tehran and other cities."


"Citigroup and Goldman Sachs"

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in related news Fred's head just exploded.



Oh boy, now they want to steal from Iran? We need technology not

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this crap!


YNet still has it

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Ostaad: Press TV is not all bullshit. It should be taken with a grain of sald, but I haven't seen anything that they have made up out of thin air. If they are being a conduit for IRI leaks, well that's news. It's also exactly what the Fox and CNN do.

You have to consider the sad state of the media in the West as well. If a story like this breaks, leaked from inside Iran that Americans may want to keep a lid on, who else would cover it? The corporate media is long past the point where they have investigative journalists for every emerging story and rely on White House for leads. Sad but true.

I think there's something here. This could be part of a deal going on behind the scenes right now and this news could be leaked by hardliners to kill that deal.

The special economic zone is a "China-esque" key word that is just the perfect thing for a limited economic relationship with Iran. Iran's market is perhaps the largest untapped middle class in the world. That's not a small thing. I personally don't think this is necessarily good for Iran, as it's just an avenue to take profits out of the country. On the other hand if credit card networks are allowed to operate, it would be great for tourism. If it happens, I hope these banks are fully regulated by the Iranian government, including ownership limits.

Anonym7: You have a point. But I think Farhad's has lost his head a long time ago, and thus there's nothing to explode at the moment!


I wonder who the other two banks may be?

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Thanks Q, important news.


Q, I saw this piece on but...

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since the main source was Press TV, I did not take it seriously. I searched to find an alternate source but that was no go. Shortly after that the item disappeared from the ynet site too. 

Do you know anything about the haber27? It must be a Turkish site if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, I'm sure the "shittybank", "Gohman Sucks" and others are itching to get back to Iran lickety-split, especially since Iran announced several months ago that it invites foreign banks to open wholly-owned branches in Iran.

PS. Don't worry about Fred's head, he needed a new full one anyway.


Q, What happened to Farhad's?

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In that case what happened to his end? I am curious because Farhad's head was part of the content.