On three occasions
iranpresswatch / amigo19

As reported many times by Iran Press Watch, the Baha’is of Semnan live under harsh and oppressive conditions instigated by the clerical establishment of that town.  The latest incident against the Baha’is is reported by Human Rights Activists of Iran and is presented below in translation: Unknown assailants attacked the home of a Baha’i resident on three (3) separate occasions last week. In recent months, the town of Semnan has witnessed many pervasive assaults on the Baha’is, including attacks by grenades on their residences, destruction of cemeteries, interrogation and widespread arrest of Baha’is, coupled with the searches of their homes. On three occasions, the residence of Mr. Yahya Hedayati was attacked during the last week, from April 9 to 16.  These incidents took place during the late hours of the night by unknown assailants riding on motorcycles, and often involved throwing rocks at the windows

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