Iran: Lost in translation
The Guardian
22-Apr-2009 (8 comments)

Mr Netanyahu must be thanking Allah for the Iranian president's timely intervention, as he prepares for his first visit to Washington. But Mr Obama's effort to avert another war in the Middle East is not the only potential victim of a disastrous speech. It is grist to the mill of UN haters, whose lobbying scared the US away from the conference. It makes whatever desire there is within the UN to investigate allegations of Israeli war crimes in Gaza that much harder to realise, as the UN as a whole is tainted by the Iranian leader's presence at one conference. No wonder Ban Ki-moon was furious with him


Mahmoud: Netanyahu's best friend

by Hajminator on

Who on IC was saying that Ahmadinejad is part of a conspiracy ...



Aqha Mazloom

by Hajminator on

I laughed a lot ...

Shimon Perez said that Israel doesn't fear Mullahs trying to send it nukes. That's because before leaving the Iranian borders, these missiles will be detected and annihilated. mullahs will not send something which won't reach its objectives with high probability and get 200 nukes which will certainly ruin their existence (and all other animals in ME, but that they don't care).

Mullahs know that with provocation, there are some lunatic guys in Israel which in the worst case will destroy their apparent nuclear sites. And, that's all they want.

In my opinion, they need these bombs to prolong their existence. I think that they will then do, whatever they want with a justification that the country is under attack. They know how to call up the mass. In one hand, they'll take back the epsilon freedom that people enjoyed - in order to minimize any risk of rebellion, and in the other they'll continue or start to make their bomb.

It will be people who'll pay for the $it, but that who cares?

Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

You know, your conjecture about Mahmuds Jewish name may very well be true. (history had shown, the most anti-Semites, inculiding Hitler, were those with knows Jewish past). Considering that, many Jews were forced converted to Islam, your comment is not far fetched. Indeed, I don't deny that I may have attributed his"Jewish nose". Shame on him, he is bringing shame on the "tribe". Khaak be-sa-resh be-rizaan.

Now to answer your questions.

1). Nah baba!, I do not have any boss. Myself and my conscious are my bosses. period

1a) Please recall that, during Khomeini time, Iran was not enriching uranium to produce nuclear bomb. Furthermore, Though he was not a friend of Israel at all, we don't remember he was denying the Holocaust, in an effort to de-legitimize the state of Israel. Iran then was on far different strategic plateau then its is today.

2. His service number is. 69Akhmag-220000. aka as Agent 000. (That number reflect his value to the Mossad). On the other hand, who knows, he may be a Mossad agent.

Those Jewish orthodox kissing him on his cheek in Tehran, either wanted to demonstrated to him the Mossad's capabilities to get close to him with kisses on his cheek LITERALLY.Or whisper the bad news that his wife back home in Tel Aviv had just found out he was adapted, and their kids are not really his.


Aqha Mazloom,

by Hajminator on

Why are you sabering Mahmoud’s Persian fake name? His real Jews name is Saborjhian,


You know it better than everyone else because I remember that you were the one who was saying, on IC, that there were no need to look at Mahmoud’s origins, his noise cries that he’s Jews.

Just be brave enough to admit it!

Otherwise, the point of this article is not why Mahmoud Saborjhian denied that horror and that he’s a b#### for doing it. The point is: what are the political benefits of his speech for Israel?

My questions to you and your boss are
1.  Why when Khomeini denied the horror, Israel and other western countries passed so softly beside? If you made fun of Khomeini’s BS, taking them as senility, so why are you crying so wildly when Saborjhian says the same BS?

2.  What is the service number of Saborjhian in Mossad?


Zaalem, you are right for the job


No, Zaalem, we don't need the "Sunni Islamist", you seem to have the perfect aptitude for the job: "Then shove him into of the original gas chambers in Auschwitz, or Treblinka.  Lock the door, and turn on the faucet,

This is the only way idiots, and barbarics like him could learn about the enormity of the holocaust."  Sad, isn't it, that after all those who have suffered and perished, you have not learnt the lesson and have so little respect.

Mehdi Mazloom

The Akhag needs a lesson

by Mehdi Mazloom on

The best way to teach this burr and primitive creature about the Holocaust, is for someone grab this little midget by this neck, and drag him kicking and screaming. Then shove him into of the original gas chambers in Auschwitz, or Treblinka.  Lock the door, and turn on the faucet,

This is the only way idiots, and barbarics like him could learn about the enormity of the holocaust.

The Holocaust is not just about Jews (they happen to be the target and victim). It can happen to any small group of people who live among hostile majority ones. Yesterday, it was Jews, in 1995 it was the Muslims in Bosnia, and later in Chechnya. Before that, it was in Cambodia, Hutus in Rwanda. Tomorrow it could be anyone group - regardless of religion, ethnicity, or race.

As much as that akhmage'-nejad in tehran thinks he is immuned from such faith. Just imagine that, the 1.3B Sunnis decide to "teach the shi'it minorities a lesson", and persecute them - particularly  target the farsi minority to persecute. Knowing the cruilty prevelant throughout the Islamist, it would not be farfetched to imagine what would be the fate of IRI and their co-hords. 


Thank you for posting Hajminator


What a stark example of black propaganda by the Israel lobby through the, so to speak, liberal (sic) British press.  The article says that despite no mention of the Holocaust, Ahmadi Nedjad's speech  "could hardly disguise the views of a crude anti-Semite", although it does not provide a single quote or extract indicating anti-Semitism. The article then concludes from this lying premise why "this colours how people see his remarks on the establishment of Israel".  Therefore justifying the bloodthirsty warring paranoid mentality of the Israeli administration on a totally fabricated impression.  The 'anonymous' author then goes on to say: "What greater vindication of Mr Netanyahu's view that the Iranian nuclear programme represents an existential threat to Israel can there be than the sentiments just expressed by the Iranian president?".  

What are those dangerous sentiments that stir this sick man's fear of existential threat?  The mention of the massacre in Gaza?  The mention of the forced exodus, dispossessions and occupation?  It says 1948 is "old" talk and one should move on.  Old talk for who?  Not for the dispossessed palestinians and millions perishing under occupation in batustans and in Israeli concentration camps. And move on to where?  What is the vision put forward?  End the occupation?  Two state solution, what are the proposed boundaries from these champions of human rights and democracy?

 What an outrageous piece of warmongering trash by the Israel lobby in the UK press.  For those who can't say a word before spitting at Ahmadi-Nedjad, get a grip and have some self-respect.   

khaleh mosheh

Thanks for posting Dear Hajminator

by khaleh mosheh on

Some enlighted comments at the end- The article is quite biased though.