Remembering Iran’s 1980 National Spiritual Assembly
Iran Press Watch / Amigo19
30-Apr-2009 (3 comments)

Following the Islamic revolution in 1979, the Baha’is of Iran, who had long been the victims of periodic outbreaks of violence, the later rounds of which had been instigated by the notorious SAVAK, were subjected to a fresh wave of persecution. In August 1980 all nine members of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran — a national council whose election and functioning are prescribed in the Baha’i teachings and which forms part of the Baha’i administrative structure in all countries — were abducted and disappeared without a trace.  Undoubtedly they were executed


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I personally had the honnor of knowing some of the Assembly members and listened to some talks they gave and after all these years can understand what they were trying to say .

Those brave people did not fear death,torture,nor persecution.


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Thanks for the post, Rooheshaan shaad !

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متاسفانه این


متاسفانه این جلادان خونخوار که هنوز زمامت ایران رو در دست دارند، در اعدام ایرانیان تبعیض قائل نمیشدن و همه رو اون موقع گله گله اعدام میکردند، نه تنها بهایها رو.