As the U.S. Retreats, Iran Fills the Void
Wall Street Jounal
04-May-2009 (12 comments)

Convinced that the Obama administration is preparing to retreat from the Middle East, Iran's Khomeinist regime is intensifying its goal of regional domination. It has targeted six close allies of the U.S.: Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait and Jordan, all of which are experiencing economic and/or political crises.



by varjavand on

This article by Amir Taheri explains how the Iranian government is intensifying the efforts to expand its domination in the region under the preconceived notion that Obama administration is weak ant not interested to pursue the so called “democratization strategy” in Middle East.


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

is exactly right.

they drop their little packages of slander (like abarmard) and then vanish like a you-know-what in the wind.  they CAN'T prove anything they say so they just don't come back to defend anything.

and gol-dust.  what more can be said about him.  one of the most vicious and disgusting of the anti-semites.  another "true" iranian according to the standards of the so-called elite of 

how pathetic.  and how insulting to all decent iranians that he and his like are considered the voice of iranians. 


Which country's agent is Thaheri?Wall Street is AIPAC's Murdoch

by gol-dust on

Taheri is another crook who works for AIPAC. Since when Wall Street publishes articles by an Iranian? Of course this is a typical zionist scarce tactic to validate their reason for anti Iran push before AIPAC's annual meeting next week against Iran!!!

Why am I not surprised! Google for "Money masters" and you'll see the devils!


What is ironic about Mr.

by varjavand on

What is ironic about Mr. Taheri is his hate for his country. This is not of course the first time he is trying to appease the conservative establishment by resorting to exaggerative chicanery. He is the Iranian  Fouad Ajami. A conservative newspaper like Wall Street loves analyses like his.

Having lost the grip on power, republicans now try to use every possible means, however absurd, to build up a case against current administration with the long term aim of moving this country as far to the right as president Bush did




by Fair on

I have read only a few of Amir Taheri's columns, so I have no opinion of him one way or the other.

But what is alarming is to see you guys here completely discounting what he says and claiming he has no proof, when you fail to bring any proof of your own as to why what he says is not credible.

The IR has from day one advocated the export of its revolution, and called for overthrow of every pro US government in the region. If the reason is corruption and lack of freedom under these regimes, the IR is no less corrupt or oppressive than any of them. The real reason is their pro US stance.

It is a fact that the US and Iran are locked in a battle for influence in the middle east, and the US is on the retreat. So in general sense, I don't have any problem with what Amir Taheri says here until anybody can say WHY what he says is incorrect (if there is such a thing as an incorrect opinion).

And yes, whenever IR allows other religions to exist in Iran and other missionaries to come to Iran and convert people, I will have no problem with Iranians going to other countries and preach Shiite Islam. But that is not the case- go to Iran and openly state that you are an ex muslim and see what the law will grant you.



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do you have any reason... any reason at all... or god forbid... any proof... for stating that this is a jewish conspiracy?  any reasonable explanation would do.  anything that would give me pause to think that your comment is nothing more than a continued "conspiracy theory" paranoia which stems from... what?  fear that the IRI will be exposed for what it is?  fear that people aren't intelligent enough to decide whether or not this is feasible.  i say feasible when it's pretty evident that the iri would like nothing better THAN to extend it's disgusting tentacles throughout the middle east. 

please don't use the term anti-iranian.  it's anti-iri.  YOU are progagating an anti-IRANIAN movement when you spout ridiculous conspiracy theories in every blog. 

the iri has virtually NO NEED for outside influence when it comes to striking fear in every american.  yeah... you know.  the great satan.


Amir Taheri is the same guy

by TomThom (not verified) on

Amir Taheri is the same guy who falsely claimed that Iran was passing a law requiring Jews to wear yellow badges. So who the F*CK cares what this guy has to say except of the rabid, far right editorial pages of the WSJ?


Double standards

by Deeg beh deeg migeh (not verified) on

"I am not sure what is illegal or immoral about a group of people trying to convert people to Shia - assuming this is really what happened."

Apparently mullahs in Iran don't consider it illegal (or immoral) when it comes to converting people into Shiites but they consider it a crime therfore illegla/immoral in Iran for people to try to convert Muslims into other religions.


Amir Taheri said it? I guess it must be true then ;-)

by Anonymous0186 (not verified) on

This guy has less credibility than the writers of the National Inquirer.


it's interesting

by IRANdokht on

I also saw Robert Baer speak about Iran and read some parts of his book in which he tries to convince everyone that Iran has become the super power in the ME but I don't trust career spies even if they claim that they have retired.

So I guess it's a new trend to somehow portray IR as a much more powerful influence in the region. Is it just to scare Israel, Arab nations, or even US so it would support Israel's military solution for the threat of IR?

Thanks Mr Varjavand



Lot of BS

by BS_detector (not verified) on

The article is made up of general statements with almost no proof. Misrepresentation galore too. It says Iranian "agents" were in Egypt converting people to Shia. I am not sure what is illegal or immoral about a group of people trying to convert people to Shia - assuming this is really what happened. But it is also kind of funny that the writer is indirectly admitting that this kind of clandestine effort that he attributes to Iran, is actually the way US, Israel and other bloodsuckers NORMALLY work! Kind of hysterical, actually.



by Abarmard on

Iran is being treated with the same suspicions about the region than were the British. Even the cartoon in the article was something you would normally see as uncle Sam or English Fox doing the same as the Mullah here. I am not sure if this is good or bad.

The writer of this article is an idiot who doesn't really have a clue how things are done. The only reason I would say he has written the piece is to promote his upcoming book and getting his name up. Fear mongering along with warmongers are forming a coalition that seems to be mostly funded by the State of Israel. Wonder what the author thinks about the Israeli actions in the region!

Iran is gaining some ground, but not to this extend. This is to create a feeling of fear and anti Iranian. The author deserves a disrespect for his aware (or foolish unaware) intentions.