What is Apostasy and who is Apostate?
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Apostasy and Baha’is as Apostates in Islam

Editor’s Note:  This is a translation of an editorial titled “What is apostasy, and are Baha’is apostates?” written by Mohammed Shebl, printed in an Egyptian newspaper “Al Qahirah” (Cairo) on May 5, 2009.

By Mohammad Shebl

The treatment of Baha’is has occupied my thoughts and has disturbed my peace. You might be surprised, but when I see tyranny and oppression inflicted on Baha’is, and increasing on a daily basis, I feel a heavy load on my shoulders.

On one hand, National Identification Cards for Baha’is have not commenced being issued yet; but on the other hand, there are discussions about passing a law in the Egyptian parliament categorizing Baha’is as criminals, and deciding on the charges to be levied against them for their alleged apostasy.

To date, I have not heard whether arson charges have been brought against those who set the homes of a few Baha’is on fire. I also do not know the fate of the Baha’is who had to flee from their burning homes.

God, should anyone who accepts a different religion be subjected to so much cruelty? Is this what has become of human beings who were created noble by their creator, a creator who sends messengers with heavenly books and has given his creatures the freedom to choose their own path, and only requires that they be ... >>>

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