It is the responsibility of all of us to defend the Baha’is with all our strength
Iran Press Watch / Farhang Farahi
17-May-2009 (7 comments)

It is no coincidence that Iranian university professors, writers, artists, reporters, and political activists residing inside and outside of their country, as citizens of Iran, have expressed their feelings of shame in an open letter to the Baha’i community of Iran. I too, as a responsible reporter, am dumbfounded and ashamed of the merciless and vicious attacks on the 300,000 member Baha’i community of Iran. I agree with the letter on which the Iranian intellectuals put their signature, admitting their shame of being silent while atrocities were inflicted upon Baha’is.

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If not now, when?

by Anonymous.anon (not verified) on

At some point Iranians are going to have to stand up to the IRI and say "No more!" If it is not over the Baha'is then it will be over something else. So why not now and over this issue. They cannot put 80 million people in jail.


Insisting (on Justice)

by scb (not verified) on

If we allow ourselves to feel powerless and inadequate to challenge the worst tendencies of the IRI as they flagrantly abuse the rights of Iranian minorities, won't we be forced to lapse into helpless apathy? Hasn't the world had enough inaction?

Maybe instead we should insist upon justice. Fairness. Really! Who will do this if the representatives of Iran's most persecuted minority do not state the case, terrible as it is?

If most informed human rights agencies do not support the rights of Iranian Baha'is, especially those living under the threat of death, who, WHO, will?

If Iranian Baha'is are defended will it help or harm other minorities? I think it will help. Indeed, highlighting human rights any where, everywhere helps all Iranians.

No man is an island . . .what can happen to one can happen to all. History has shown this time and again. This is why so many people work for human rights across the world. This is what Baha'is believe is the true power of human consciousness.

Who in the world is harmed by the love of the justice?

Yes, it would be easier to leave Iran, to abdicate the struggle, to let someone else struggle some other time, some other place, but know this: the Baha'is are not going away; they will continue to bear witness to their hope of an enlightened nation in which all have the right to coexist.

Is this so much to ask?


Masgharez, with all due

by Ruhi on

Masgharez, with all due respect, I think with this kind of mentality, We cannot get too far on confronting injustice. If you say that we should put up with injustice doesn't matter to whom it is inflicted,then we are turning our face away and are ignoring our responsibility on this important issue.

If foreigners are sparing this support for Iranians who are under harrasment and persecution, why not ourselves give this support to our countrymen,regardless their creed,or background.

Thanks to Faryarm for sending the videoclip, it is enlightening.



by faryarm on


Respectfully, you are not fully aware of the the history and the extent of the plight faced by Bahais, who are the largest religious minority after Islam, who have absolutely no rights under the law and are specificaly targeted for elimination; simply because the acceptance of their ideas by the Iranian masses will mean permanent unemployment for the Shia Clerics

This clip might give you some background to this cycle of persecution .



Dear Feeling so special, masgharz

by amigo19 on

Bahais are not treated like other persecuted people in Iran.There is not even any code or any rights for them in the constitution.They are not even considered  human beings according to the IRI constitution. Unlike kurds, jews,Chriastins, muslims etc. when in jail , bahais do not have the right to have a lawyer or if they have one, their lawyer does not get an access to their clients, Bahais are expelled from universities just because of their creed, their properties are confiscated just becuause they are Bahais,They are fired from their jobs just because they are bahais, their cemeteries are destroyed just because they are Bahais they are arrested and encarcerated for being Bahais eventhough Bahis are peaceful people, they do not stand up against injustice, they do not rebel aginst any government, yet they are considered Mofsed fel arz.All These attrociies happen because there are not enough voices to pressure the govenment to stop all the injustice.

Before Delara Darabi was executed many heroes raised their voices on this site denouncing the fact that either she was inocent or it was Aa C.E. case.

why not openly do that for  300,000 innocent people who have not done anything wrong but being members of largest non Muslim Religeous community in Iran

I do not expect you who anonymousely object this support to come and openly risk your own hide so leave it and let people who have the guts to do it do it. 


Who is the middle man?

by Taytelbaum (not verified) on

The president should be requested to act now and promptly on this matter of the Bahai believers. Fulfulling just the part of the request forwarded to him. It is an impossible task to perform, when judged from the historical point of view. But that's why people become presidents.

Statesmanship can be a wonderful institute when dealing with impossible situations. I for example could never do such a job. I can't stand the sight of voters.


feeling so special...

by masgharz (not verified) on

There are millions in Iran who have to deal with mullahs and their injustice every day, it is not clear why any specific group e.g. bahaie, kurds, fars, communists, muslims, jews etc. feel that they need to be treated differently and take advantage of Iran's poor standing in global stage to benefit from and attract sympathy at the expense of other Iranians. You are either Iranian or not, If yes, just be united with the rest and don't try to pretend that you need to be treated differently as everyone has to deal with mullahs there. Otherwise, just pack and get the hell out of Iran and stop demonizing Iranians to your benefit.
Enough already...