In Response to Signatories of We are Ashamed.
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22-May-2009 (one comment)
In Response to Signatories of “We are Ashamed”

Haleh Rouhi

By Malieh Ahmadi (mother of Haleh Rouhi - a Baha’i youth who has been imprisoned in Shiraz for the past 19 months for her humanitarian work).

I am grateful and thankful!

In the name of love and compassion, and in the name of the Creator who makes us friends — and we are His friends.  I speak as a mother who is far from her imprisoned child

I thank all those broadminded, virtuous and fair individuals who by signing this open letter have been a balm to my wounds.

Because of you, I have grown stronger in my belief that the Creator of the two worlds has spread the fragrance of His love throughout all lands, far and near; and I have accepted that no matter how feeble a light it may be, yet it is a light.  I have become convinced that the heart of some dear souls pulsates for the defense of those wronged by oppression.

May the fervent prayers of this mother who suffers at the hands of her countrymen and neighbors surround you under all conditions! I raise my earnest voice to the highest pinnacle of paradise, “O kind Lord!  Place love, equity, compassion and faith in the hearts of all those who dwell on earth!”

I am grateful, thank... >>>


Another Testimony of Love and Gratitude!

by amigo19 on

Another testimony of Love and Gratitude for those who still doubt the persecution of Bahais in Iran and question their love for their countrymen.