Release Jelve Javaheri and Kaveh Mozzafari
Campaign for Equality
29-May-2009 (4 comments)

On May 1, 2009 on the occasion of International Workers Day, the peaceful gathering which was to take place at the invitation of workers rights groups in Laleh Park in Tehran, was met with violence before the start of the day’s events. Among those arrested were ordinary citizens passing by the event, students, workers rights activists and several members of the One Million Signatures Campaign. These arrests took place despite the fact that the 27th Article of the Iranian Constitution allows for peaceful gatherings and protests.
Some of those arrested on International Workers Day have been charged with “collusion with intent to participate in a protest”, “actions against national security” and “disruption of public order.” Some have been released on third party guarantees or by posting bail, but others continue to be detained. According to explanations provided by family members, those detained are being held in section 240 of Evin prison and are being subjected to violent interrogations (including kicking, slapping, punches in the face, slamming of prisoners into walls, and lengthy beating sessions). In recent days despite having transferred many of those detained to the public ward of the prison, some have been transferred again to section 240 and section 209 of Evin prison and have once again been subjected to beatings.


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We as the signatories of this statement demand that government officials, especially the Head of the Judiciary, ensure the physical and psychological safety and security of those in detention, end immediately the psychological and other forms of pressure on those still in detention, acquit all those who were arrested on May 1, and immediately and unconditionally release all those still in detention, including the two members of the Campaign, Jelve Javaheri and Kaveh Mozzafari.

Please support Jelve and Kave and others arrested on May 1. Sign the petition to demanding their release



Free them!

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Free them!


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Signed !

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Done !