Diane Sawyer interviews Roxana Saberi
30-May-2009 (18 comments)
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mehdi mehdi mehdi

by nojanthegreat on

how playing with the facts working out for you ? capt dident mentioned waterboarding, going for 7 years without court day and......... i hope she be ok but please dont trash my country for a book deal or more air time.

Mehdi Mazloom

capt_ayhab - Lets cut through the nonesense

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You can't go around w/o mentioning Israel. ha? Anyway.

you wrote:

Here is how it is done here in US.

If you are spying for Israel, either you get a free pass and the charges are dropped, i.e. Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman.

Or like Jonathan Pollard, get convicted  and put in jail since 1987.


Baz dobareh harfe' mozakhraf miggi. Aabe' roo az sooratem raft.

khejallat bekesh mardike'.



Good to hear that she is well

by Abarmard on

Just for fun, how many people believe that she knows the words to star spangled banner?


Suggestions for the title of her new tell-all book

by Anonymous45545 (not verified) on

Not Without my Classified Document


i prefer waterboarding

by tehran24 on

than to look at sawyer's facial expressions and listening to the beauty queen crying over stars and spangles.... whatta load of crap!

hamsade ghadimi

she lost me...

by hamsade ghadimi on

i'm glad she's out.  i believe in what she says.  she will get a book and movie deal for sure.  but she lost me on the "star spangled banner." that was a beauty queen answer.


Anonymously for now

by capt_ayhab on

Here is how it is done here in US.

If you are spying for Israel, either you get a free pass and the charges are dropped, i.e. Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman.


[The Justice Department today asked a federal judge to dismiss the criminal case against two former lobbyists for Israel, Steven Rosen and
Keith Weissman. ]

Or just a slap on the wrist:


[ERUSALEM (JTA) -- An 85-year-old former army employee was fined for passing military secrets to Israel in the 80s, but a U.S. federal judge questioned the government's handling of the case.

Ben-Ami Kadish appeared May 29 in U.S. federal district court in Manhattan, where he was fined $50,000 by Judge William H. Pauley III,
but avoided a prison sentence. The judge cited Kadish's age and infirmity as reasons for not requiring a prison sentence, but also
questioned why it took the government 23 years to charge the retiree and then only indicted him on one count of conspiracy to act as an
unregistered agent of Israel, The New York Times reported.]

BUT If you are Muslim or happen to be from ME and get caught for jay-walking then you are taken to Gitmo, held for years without any charge, while you get your crap beaten out of you on a daily basis.

Justice is blind, In this case Justice is called AIPAC, isn't it?





what's with the faces Sawyer makes?

by Anonymously for now (not verified) on

They interrogated you for HOURS?!?!?!?!?
They yelled at you?!?!?!? OMG how dare they yell at someone they arrested for espionage! Those bastards, those animals, those barbaric criminals!!! they dared yell at you?

I wonder how she would react to someone who tells her their kids were raped in front of them to get a confession!
How would Ms Sawyer frown upon hearing innocent people being waterboarded, raped, and electrocuted?

This hypocrisy makes me want to vomit!


یا قمر بنی هاشم :)


We ain't gonna hear the end of this one for some time to come.There is going to be a book deal or two, followed by a movies deal, then a TV series.

I for one am already tired of it, even though I fully supported her release.





S H A M E ,

by MAHROKH 33 (not verified) on

This is so shameful for a nation like Iran to witness that its governing body is so unjust , corrupt, backward and covered with dirts of fanatism,ignorance and tyrany.


mehdi , mehdi , mehdi

by nojanthegreat on

mehdi , mehdi , mehdi


In my view she has lost any credibility that she may have had

by Bavafa on

Perhaps not a full fledged spy but not that innocent either. And any body that thinks if they confess to being a spy will get rewarded by letting go, must be as dumb as a door knob


Mehdi Mazloom

khaste' garry

by Mehdi Mazloom on

The real reason for the way she was treated by her interrogators, was because she refused their offer of khaste'garry to be married to their sons.

On the serious side. I tend to believe the exact opposite. The akhoodah wanted to coerce her to stay in Iran, and become their Mata hari. Join their presstv staff and read anti-American slogen condemning her own country. It did not work.


To gooldust

by Abolhasan khan (not verified) on

Smart American girl like that going to Iran. Why?


What happened to kordish fiance (boy friend)? Does that mean she is avaialble now?

It's better to keep your mouth shut, and and make people wonder if you were an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubts.
-Abraham Lincoln


well she is in land of free

by nojanthegreat on

well she is in land of free now lol
if you listen carefully you will see that she answers like she is still in beauty queen show.
she says that she make it by singing national anthem , American one , even Dianna was shocked , what a kiss ass , not even American believe in it lol
and did you see how she mombols when the ask
her , how they treat her lol
I think Dianna was playing more realistic than her. she got the job because of her Iranian father and her dual citizenship. she work for 5 years in Iran and bad Iranian government didn’t do anything about her. she say she lie about being a spy and she lies about having vine at home. please every Iranian home has beer and liquor and wine in it, in our home in Iran there is at least 2,3 box of Dutch beers and whiskey and this American girl didn’t have liquor at home. she lies to much you don’t know when to trust her.
I think Dianna needed to ask her if she was waterboared or not .
and in the end she did not thanks Iranian court that let her go free. I think they should have kept her for more than 8 years they should Sangsar her lol
that would be a big news
and Mazdak very great respond on the Iranian hate lobby.
all she and her a like ( that Canadian beauty queen Nazanin ) do is against Iran and her place in the world . good job on that



by BBC's Mullahs (not verified) on

There is so much wrong with your comment and state of mind -- are you actually comparing the suicidal terrorists in Guantamano Prison to the likes of this reporter??? Why are you Islamists so worried about the welfare of suicidal terrorists at Guantamano Prison, when you don't give a damn about all those innocent political prisoners in the 100 or so Guantamano-type prisons in IRAN?????


Good Makeup! Spy? Who knows, but wouldn't be surprised!

by gol-dust on

Smart American girl like that going to Iran. Why? There is so much that we don't know! Not going to judge her at this time! What happened to kordish fiance (boy friend)? Does that mean she is avaialble now?


Roxana, let's her hair down!

by Mazdak (not verified) on

Ah, no more hijab!! And no more reporting from Tehran. Isn't it interesting that the caption identifies her as an "American journalist" and not Iranian-American, which was how she was mostly identified in the press in the last 3 months? Glad she's free. Time to interview a few people from Guantanmo, Ms. Sawyer, or other people under arrest in unknown locales by the US intelligence. And good luck Ms. Saberi with a lucrative career as a mascot for hate Iran lobby!