Iranian American Bar Association Panel June 10th to Discuss Persian Antiquities in Peril
Business Wire / Hermine Valizadeh
09-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

In September of 1997, three Hamas suicide bombers blew themselves up in a crowded pedestrian mall in Jerusalem, killing five and wounding nearly 200. Several of the American victims sued the government of Iran, accusing it of being complicit in the attack, and won a $412 million default judgment. In seeking to satisfy that judgment, the plaintiffs have gone to court to seize ancient Persian artifacts being held by the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute, the Chicago Field Museum, several Harvard University museums, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Most of these artifacts date back 2,500 years, to the earliest days of the Persian Empire.

Maryam Hojjat

Iranian American Bar Association Panel June 10th t

by Maryam Hojjat on

Dear Iranian.Com Friends:

Please organize a petition to prevent this injustice to IRanians. Terror Victims Seek Possession of Ancient Persian Artifacts as Compensation for Damages.




Dear Maryam

by Anonymous Iraniam (not verified) on

I sympathize with you, BUT I am confused in this matter. IRI is looting and selling iranian Heritage. I just read (sorry I did not keep the link) that Basij elements in Shiraz is looting Persepolis treasures piece by piece and ship to europe to sell. We also know what they are doing to Pasargade and Tangeh Bolaghi. I personally have visited historical structures recently and all are in dire situation and are falling apart, including Safavid mosques whose beautiful ceramics are stained with mud and rain tracks and broken.

Considering that, I do not want Iranian heritage to return to iran. Don't you think it is safer that they be (as painful as it is) sold to someone who would WANT it and care for it, rather that IRI which has shown infinite capacity for detesting anything iranian?