Roxana Saberi advocates for Iran’s “prisoners of conscience”
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11-Jun-2009 (one comment)

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In an article published in The Washington Post on June 11, 2009, journalist Roxana Saberi describes meeting Baha’is in Tehran’s Evin Prison among many other ‘prisoners of conscience’ “I also got to know two Baha’i female leaders, who along with five male colleagues have been detained for more than a year without trial. While peacefully pursuing the religious rights of Iran’s largest non-Muslim religious minority, they have been accused of spying for Israel and “spreading corruption on earth,” charges punishable by death. It is not uncommon for “prisoners of conscience” to be detained without due process. Some are freed on exorbitant bail. As in my case, many have limited or no access to attorneys of their choice and cannot study the “evidence” against them. When hearings occur, they usually take place behind closed doors. On top of severe psychological and mental pressures, some are physically tortured, and a few have died in custody.”

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As long as ....

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As long as Bahaiis do not spy against Iran for the enemy, they are welcome to participate in all civic affairs.