Protests held in Tehran
BBC / John Simpson
13-Jun-2009 (3 comments)

A crowd of about 3,000 attacked the police, some of whom were on motorbikes, which they set on fire. The sky was thick with black smoke. Police attacked the crowd with sticks and maybe teargas. I didn't expect to see people turning on the secret police. We were filming when we were surrounded by angry secret policemen. The crowd turned on them and chased them off. I suspect we are not looking at a revolution but there is serious anger. It all depends on how the government responds - if they use violence, that could inflame the situation.

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Unofficial Results (Iranian Home Office)

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Mousavi 45,54%, Karroubi 31,95%,
Ahmadinejad 13,60%, Rezai 8,91%



According to the BBC

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Unrests reported in Mashad and Rasht as well.

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Violence in the streets

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From the Mousavi flicker: