Iran erupts as voters back 'the Democrator'
The Independent / Robert Fisk
14-Jun-2009 (7 comments)

First the cop screamed abuse at Mir Hossein Mousavi's supporter, a white-shirted youth with a straggling beard and unkempt hair. Then he smashed his baton into the young man's face. Then he kicked him viciously in the testicles. It was the same all the way down to Vali Asr Square. Riot police in black rubber body armour and black helmets and black riot sticks, most on foot but followed by a flying column of security men, all on brand new, bright red Honda motorcycles, tearing into the shrieking youths – hundreds of them, running for their lives. They did not accept the results of Iran's presidential elections. They did not believe that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had won 62.6 per cent of the votes. And they paid the price.

Ali Lakani

'Death to the dictator!'

by Ali Lakani on

I think Mr. Fisk's Iranian friend is not telling him the truth about Iranian people. 




by MiNeum71 on

Video footage of students of Technical University of Isfahan after being attacked by police forces:


plus //



Isn't Robert Fisk British?

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

Isn't Robert Fisk British?

Ali Lakani

What is happening elsewhere

by Ali Lakani on


Unofficial Results (Iranian Home Office)

by MiNeum71 on

Mousavi 45,54%, Karroubi 31,95%,
Ahmadinejad 13,60%, Rezai 8,91%



I think Mr. Fisk's Iranian

by nojanthegreat on

I think Mr. Fisk's Iranian friend is not telling him the truth about Iranian people.

I think his friend is right. first of all Mr. mossavi and his supporter have not yet show any reason or any proof of fraud.

you see people in Tehran and other big cities. but how many are they ? thousands ? hundreds thousand ?

more that 16 million voted for Mr. mossavi . that the elite Tehrani well what about outside of Tehran ?

some of us forge who we are sometime.

mashhad , tabriz , these are big cities but I bet you they vote for ahmadinejad. we all kind of know that . he even have supporter in Tehran.

so if you have any proof of fraud in election any where in Iran please share.


Has anyone heard what's happening in other cities?

by Ostaad on

Unless the unrest in Tehran among the university students and the well off spread to the working class, the oil industry workers and the bazaar, these events will be but a tempest in the teapot. Let's wait and see what happens in Tabriz, Esfahan, Ghom, Shiraz, Mashad and Abadan soon. Otherwise forget the whole Mousavi "cheez".

As far as I am concerned, Ahamidjejad's "victory" is not unrealistic at all. Mousavi only appeared on TV after several years of obscurity and presented vague promises about freedom and some general economic "plans".  In my opinion the only chance he had would be if the Rahbar had decided to replace Ahamdinejad with Mousavi. Now it is obvious this was not the case.
Having said that, I am not convinced the vote margins could be so large considering the high voter turnout. I am sure there was fraud on the part of Ahmadinejad's Interior Ministry which apparently went overboard. They could have come up with a smaller margin and spared all this trouble.