Mass Arrests and Detentions Signal Increasing Repression
17-Jun-2009 (one comment)

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported today that several dozen notable figures including Saeed Hajjarian, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, Behzad Nabavi, and Abdolfattah Soltani were arrested on 16 June 2009. Hajjarian was an advisor to former president Mohammad Khatami and Abtahi was director of Khatami’s office during his presidency and is now a senior adviser to Mehdi Karroubi. Nabavi is a former member of parliament and Minister of Industry and Mining. Soltani is a leading human rights lawyer and member of the Defenders of Human Rights Center. The detainees include numerous political figures, intellectuals, civil leaders, human rights activists, and journalists, as well as a large but unknown number of ordinary citizens who have taken part in street demonstrations since the disputed 12 June presidential elections.


Purge of reformists

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The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran calls for the immediate release of all arbitrarily detained persons. The Campaign urges the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to urgently seek information about these cases and to demand assurances for their health and safety.