Bangladeshi students stand up for their sisters and brothers in Iran
Daily Star Dhaka

We organized a demonstration here in Dhaka in support of Iranian students.  We gathered in front of the National Museum near Shahbagh to tell the world that an attack on one student is an attack on all. We gathered to dispell romantic notions of Ahmadinejad as an anti-imperialist hero. We are against imperialism, but we will never accept tyranny at home. The intellectuals, philosophers, poes, students, and citizens of Bangladesh who supporter our rally were extraordinary people.  I was exceptionally touched, tinged with a pinch of shame at how dismissive we Iranians can be of our Eastern neighbors.  Bangladesh, I have come to realize, is a vibrant country, booming with art, culture, and poets like Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam, who read and were influenced by Hafiz, Saadi and others.  The time has come to reestablish those long forgotten links between Iran and Bengal, severed by contrived partitions that have broken the continuity of our shared tradition. This demonstration forms a small step towards realizing this vision.    

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