Iran 'arrests UK embassy staff'
28-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

Iran has detained eight local staff at the British embassy in Tehran on accusations of having a role in post-election riots, local reports said. The embassy has not yet confirmed the report from the semi-official Fars news agency, which did not name its source. Relations between the countries are strained after Tehran accused the UK of inflaming unrest, which London denies. Tehran has expelled two British diplomats in the past week, and the UK has responded with a similar measure. There is no independent confirmation of the latest arrests. "Eight local employees at the British embassy who had a considerable role in recent unrest were taken into custody," Fars said, without giving a source. The UK Foreign Office said in London: "We have in the last few days received a number of, sometimes confused, reports that British nationals or others with British connections have been detained. We continue to raise them with the Iranian authorities."

Majid Zahrai

Nest of Spies-Part II, 30 years on

by Majid Zahrai on

When protests are called 'riots', and peaceful protesters are called rioters, beaten, injured and killed, this whole thing must be blamed as somebody else's fault.  I cannot believe the rising price IRI is paying for keeping AN in office, destroying Iranian nation's trust, jeopardizing Iran's diplomatic relations, and losing all credibility to the world.  Yet it goes on.



Does anyone know why...

by Ostaad on

Iran has diplomatic relations with Britain at all? The Brits are Iran's sworn enemies.