Presenter Nick Ferrari quits Iran Press TV over ‘bias’ after election
Times Online / Martin Fletcher
01-Jul-2009 (one comment)

“They’re the mouthpiece of a vicious regime. Their motto is, ‘We give voice to the voiceless’. In fact, they give voice to liars and murderers,” says Potkin Azarmehr, a popular blogger. “Why should foreign journalists be unable to report on the crimes taking place in Iran when Press TV poisons the minds of young Muslims here without any hindrance?” Ferrari, who hosts LBC’s weekday breakfast show, told The Times that Press TV’s news coverage had been “reasonably fair” until the election — but not any longer. “I imagine they’ve been told what to do, and I can’t reconcile that with working there,” he said. Press TV also employs Cherie Blair’s sister Lauren Booth, the MPs Derek Conway and George Galloway, and the journalists Andrew Gilligan and Yvonne Ridley. Booth told The Times that her weekly programme, Remember the Children of Palestine, was “too important for me not to make it”.

Ali Lakani

'Bias'? Helllllloooooo?!

by Ali Lakani on

I swear either these people are complete liars or they are completely blind and deaf! Of course Press TV is biased! Of course it represents the interests of Islamic Republic of Iran! And they figured all of this just now?! Unbelievable!