Despite Crisis, U.S. Policy on Iran Is Engagement
New York Times / David E. Sanger
05-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., in separate interviews this weekend, said that the accelerating crackdown on opposition leaders in Iran in recent days would not deter them from seeking to engage the country’s top leadership in direct negotiations.In an interview with The New York Times, a day before his scheduled departure for Moscow on Sunday, Mr. Obama acknowledged the arrests and intimidation of Iran’s opposition leaders, but insisted, as he has throughout the Iranian crisis, that the repression would not close the door on negotiations with the Iranian government.“We’ve got some fixed national security interests in Iran not developing nuclear weapons, in not exporting terrorism, and we have offered a pathway for Iran to rejoining the international community,” Mr. Obama said.Mr. Biden echoed the same themes in an interview conducted in Iraq and broadcast Sunday on the ABC News program “This Week.” But in a rare foray into one of the most sensitive issues in the Middle East, the vice president argued that the United States cannot order Israel not to strike the plants at the heart of Iran’s nuclear program if Israeli leaders determine “that they’re existentially threatened” by the prospect that Iran would gain nuclear weapons capability.

Majid Zahrai

Obama walks the tightrope with Iran

by Majid Zahrai on

So far so good.  The crackdown on Iranian dissidents would have been a lot worse if Obama had acted differently. He should stay away from this if he can and let Iranian people make their own decisions.



Obama is an idiot..PERIOD..It's all about HIM and not Iranians~

by Anonymous on

It's because of Obama we have so many arrested, killed and tortured in Iran. If he have come out earlier and supported the uprising, regime would not have emboldened. Obama earlier gave them the signal that "we don't care" and he only came out on the side of people, when he was pressured and when videos from iran start trickling in.

There is a big gap growing between Clinton people and Obama. dont' you wonder why Clinton has not been in-front of media lately, because Obama does not want her. Obama is determined to make nice with dictators and he will do it regardless of what majority think!

Obama LOVED DICTATORS. Obama's recent comments on Honduras communist dictator proofs my point. His nod for Egypt's Mubarak, his bow to Saudi King and his warm embrace of Chavez.

He is worse than Bush by 10 fold!