Crocodile Tears for Iranians
Tehran Bureau / Dr Sahimi
06-Jul-2009 (51 comments)
Some Iranians living in the U.S., who support Ahmadinejad because they believe that he has stood up firmly to the U.S. and has succeeded in setting up Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities, believe that international condemnation of what has been happening in Iran would be tantamount to interfering in Iran’s internal affairs. Not so.
Condemning what has happened in Iran and expressing solidarity with the Green Movement would not be interference in Iran’s internal affairs, because what is being condemned first and foremost are violations of fundamental human and civil rights of the Iranian people, and respect for such rights, and condemning their violations, are universal values.
Just as all peace-loving people condemn the carnage committed by Israel against the Palestinians, by George W. Bush and his cabal against the Iraqis, by Russia against the Chechens, by Saddam Hussein against his compatriots, by the Taliban against the Afghan people and especially Afghan women, and by the government of Sudan against the people of Darfur, they must also condemn what is happening in Iran.
But, for the condemnations to have any credibility, the condemners themselves must have credibility. Thus, in my opinion, only the condemnations of the truly antiwar activists, those who stood firmly against any sanctions or unprovoked attacks on Iran, and true believers in the universality of human rights, not those for whom human rights are a baton to hit the opposition, would ... >>>

Support or Opportunity!?

by IRANdokht on

The Iranian people do not forget the positions of the same people who are now shedding crocodile tears for the good people of Iran. They do not forget that Senator John McCain who now sheds such tears, is the same man who said “bomb, bomb, bomb” Iran, and the same man who has consistently supported the illegal invasion of Iraq and the escalation of the Afghan war by the Obama administration, which has resulted in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people. The decent people of Iran do not need, nor have they asked for, the Senator’s support. 

Let us not forget that William Kristol, the neoconservative with crocodile tears in his eyes, is the same man who was a major force behind the invasion of Iraq and did his utmost best to provoke George W. Bush to attack Iran. He now criticizes President Obama for being “resolutely irresolute” about interfering in Iran.

Iranians do not need Senator Joseph Lieberman’s crocodile tears, the turncoat who had no loyalty even to his own Democratic Party, the man who supported the invasion of Iraq, who did his best to start a war with Iran, and who has been the sponsor of so many Senate resolutions against Iran. He now “greatly admires the courage and principle of the Iranians.”




by timothyfloyd on



Capt, there is a big difference between

by SamSamIIII on


being anti Ahmadi/Khamenei and being anti IRI..Do you get it? hell, there are a ton of former henchmen murderer leftist ess-hal talabs who are anti Ahmadi or velayat faghih but that don,t make em anti IRI since they think IRI is a legitimate regime of Iran and it,s their foremost agenda&priority  to keep the regime sailing minus offcourse cosmetic changes with new staff. The issue is about conwork of average joe/jane opportunists who never came out in plain view to say ; IRI is not a legitimate regime and it,s entirety must be uprooted. there has to be accountibility for regime lackeys since in absence of it you will see opportunists playing national heroes and hijacking the movement.

Just like nazi Germany and Nazi collaborators who were banned for life from political life...

Best Regards !!!




I really don't have time to

by IRANdokht on

I really don't have time to go into figuring out why you are so persistent to take any subject and any blog and make it a personal issue about me. You obviously are dealing with issues that you can't put aside and have this need to make a point for some reason or other.... 

I am sorry I don't have the time to try and figure it out, nor do I have the desire to keep this back and forth with you, that's why I have mostly ignored your comments to me until I just couldn't stomach it anymore yesterday and had to respond. 

won't happen again! I'll just go back to ignoring your comment no matter how hard you keep beating your head against the cyber walls of

in other words:

what you think of me is none of my business 


Kaveh Nouraee

You're not're pathetic

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Elite is indeed a positive word. But it doesn't apply to you.

You are an "elitist". You think you're intellectually, academically, culturally and morally superior to everyone else.

News flash baby: You're not!

When did I dodge a comment asking me where did I go to school in Iran? I have said it here on more than one occasion that I did not go to school in Iran. The only one who seems to make an issue of that fact is you.

What difference should it make where I was born? I was born in Tehran, actually. I know I told you differently. And I had my reasons. The fact that you bring it up here in this forum proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you look down upon those who were born here. Again, its an issue only to you.

(And you call me hateful, vicuous and deceiving). Ha!

"Everyone can see that I'm more loyal to Israel?" Keep this between us, OK. Don't bring anyone else in to fight your battles for you. You're no damsel in distress in need of rescuing by Prince Charming or your cheerleaders. You opened this barrel of monkeys, now put up with it when shit gets thrown back at you.

Anyone who thinks that I am more loyal to Israel than Iran (one of the most ridiculous statements I have EVER heard) can say so themselves, if that's how they feel. I'll gladly address the issue with them individually. No one elected you spokesperson for them.

There you go, AGAIN...presuming to know what "everyone" thinks.

And on top of that you have the nerve to tell me what I should say?

Who the hell do you think you are to tell me what I should say?

Yes, I know a handful of words, so what? The only thing I blame you for is that you KNEW that all along and yet you still deliberately typed a response to me in Farsi.

Thank you for showing everyone how low, dirty and two-faced you truly are. You saved me a lot of time and effort.

And no Madame Presumptious, I don't hate. Not even you. You're not worth the emotion. I'm enjoying the fact that the truth about you has come out. Honestly, I feel sorry for you. You clearly are a miserable person who seeks validation and redemption by having this "clique" of admirers who look up to you.

And hold a grudge? I'm not the one who just confessed to having deliberately typed a response in Farsi in order for you to try and settle a score with me.

You are the last person to talk about the concept of shame.

Too funny...calling me a "Republican" as though it's a derogatory word.

My dear, if my being honest about you constitutes "trashing" you, I can only imagine how poorly you must feel about yourself.

Try and have a wonderful life, dear.


I see now

by IRANdokht on

you've been accusing others of being traitors and pushing your idea of  vatan etc... without being truthful about the fact that you were not born in Iran and dodging the comments that innocently asked you which school you went to in Iran (that one I saw how you avoided answering)and other detail questions that people come up with when you pretend you're speaking of experience and time spent in Iran and with Iranians.

everyone has already seen that you are more loyal to Israel than you are to Iran. I am a bad person for pointing that out! That's where all the problem is, and to discredit me, you follow me on every blog, comment on all my postings and try to shed doubt on me and my personality by implying that I am an IRI supporter or whatever nonsense you can come up with. Just like your mentors Cheney, Rove, O'Reily and Limbaugh, you think if you repeat the lies often enough people will believe them.

You are not even truthful when you speak in your own defense here trying to trash me.

I am sorry you feel humiliated for not knowing how to read farsi, but as long as you are not truthful and say "My command of written farsi is horrible" instead of saying I have never been to Iran and do not read or write in Farsi, you are not being honest and youshould feel humiliated. but instead of blaming yourself for the humiliation, you are blaming it on me. 

I have been more than patient with you, but you can't let go, you hate too much, you hate too many people, you hold grudges and you can't let go.

I've been more than graceful in reacting to you. But enough is enough. You have no shame.  You even start discussing what kind of mental illness I have? who's arrogant here? who's putting people down? who feels superior to others? How dare you comment on anyone's mental health!? who the hell are you to insult people like that?

by the way despite what you republicans think, "elite" is a positive trait! I take it over "lying, cheating, hateful, vicious, deceiving scum" any day and every day.



to everyone else who's reading this comment, I apologize for the tone. I tried to skip over the negative personal comments and keep a decent conversation going despite the abundant number of personal insults and character defamations from different sides. 

I guess everyone has his or her limits.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Sure we have all made some bad calls, judgment-wise. I am just as guilty as anyone else.

The difference is I own up to them. As far as I have seen you own up to them. What does she do? She says, "I was confused".

And it's not anytime she posts a thread or comment. I have been complimentary when it applies and there are other times I have left no comment at all.

But that's not why I have said she's an enabler or an apologist. Over the course of several months she has shown she is hardly the liberal she claims to be. It doesn't matter if you are or you're not. Just don't say one thing and do the exact opposite. And don't criticize others without accepting criticism yourself.

What exactly are you asking of me to let go? My beliefs? My belief is that she is an embittered individual who deems it appropriate to belittle anyone who disagrees with her in order to make her feel better about herself. And as long as she continues to display this arrogance, I am going to call her on it.

Sure, it's partly personal. But it wasn't. We have had ideological differences, no different than the ones you and I have.

But you have seen her more recent comments and actions. To her, I'm less than Iranian because I have lived here the majority of my life. I am unqualified to speak because I grew up in a "comfort zone" (her words).

Well, excuse me for having a mother and father who had the foresight to realize that their sons had a chance for a better life and opportunity by raising them here as opposed to back home and sacrificed every fucking thing they knew in order to do it, including not seeing their parents and siblings for years, even decades at a time.

Comfort zone my ass.

My command of written Farsi is horrible, so occasionally she will deliberately post a response to me in an attempt to humiliate me. And I'm supposed to let that go? I'm supposed to make her feel good about herself at my expense? Are you serious?

Who died and made her queen?

No, I'm not going to let it go. I was not raised to be used that way. I can disagree with someone yet still have the utmost respect for them. But she knew this about me and then took it upon herself to use that in the lowest, dirtiest way. Because my opinion on something differed from hers.

Yes, Captain jaan, elite. The down to earth thing is fake.



by capt_ayhab on

P/S to Kaveh

Come on, you should know how down to earth of a woman she is, be fair.. Elite??????????? no way


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I don't know how long you have been frequenting this site, but I won't resort to rehashing this from the beginning simply for one person's benefit. It's nothing personal.

I will suggest that if time allows and of course if you feel so inclined, feel free to do some searching of past posts. Then, you might be given a clearer picture of who really behaves in the manner you find analogous to Hezbollah.

Thank you.




by capt_ayhab on

Dear Kaveh,

I have brought up this issue several times with you and ID, hoping that you , as intelligent as you are can see my point of view.

If you, as Ms. Setareh says, are a democratic minded person[which I know you are] then you should rightfully give all the rights to ID to hold any view that she wishes so. With that said, although I have seen some rather bad judgment calls from her[All due respect ID jan] I do not see her as a IR mouth piece, nor I see her as supporter of IR by any stretch of imagination. I can bet my own honor on that one. I would have bet my reputation but it is rather dodgy[so speak].

None of us are perfect, I am certain you have had bad judgment calls as we all have[trust me I am all fault]. But why keep on the vindictive and angry tone anytime she posts any thread or comment?

In a nut shell,,,,, Let it go man you are really being unfair , ruye in rish sefide bedune risho zemin nandaz,

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zabunam mooo dar avord be khoda, I wish I did not love both of you as much as I do- Not that way ha ;-) 



Setareh Cheshmakzan

Mr Nouraee

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

آقای عزیز من که در پیام های شما به غیر از توهین به این خانم هیچ چیز دیگری نمی بینم.  آخه اینکه رسم بحث و استدلال هوشمندانه نیست.  این درست همون شیوه حزب اللهی هاست که با زور و توهین و دشنام و القاب زشت دادن و اگر کارا نشد با چاقو و چماق و زنجیر به جون آدمهایی می افتن که از پس  درستگویی و استدلالشون بر نمیان.  اگر شما و سایرین آقایان در این بلاگ آزادیخواهید (!) و از اجحافات و زورگویی های جمهوری اسلامی شکایت دارید، اول جا دارد که پیش از پرتاب سنگ نگاهکی به آینه بیاندازید. ولی مثل اینکه خیلی کدر است ..  

 آخر عزیز من اینقدر حرف زدید من هنوز نمی فهمم حرف حساب شما با این خانم چیست.  من که به جای استلال سیاسی  و دلیل و برها ن  بر مبنای  تجربه زنده و شناخت از واقعیات ایران، فقط مناسفانه توهین و افترا دیده ام.   


Dear setareh jan

by IRANdokht on

Thank you for your kind words, but please be careful!
I hear being polite to people here and not calling them insulting names because of their political views can cause much "deserved" hate and animosity.

If I were you, I would not associate with people who show good manners with everyone. It'll ruin your reputation.
hala az maa goftan ;-)

and thanks for your supporting comment on my previous post too. Having to defend myself all the time, I am humbled by your kind comment.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

No one is chasing her with chains and/or batons. We are not the barbarians she enables and for which she so passionately apologizes.

She is simply being caught in the very web of duplicity she herself has spun. A duplicity that carries with it the potential for inflicting far greater harm than that which could be inflicted by the strike of a chain or baton.

Setareh Cheshmakzan

Khanoom-e Irandokht

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

Everywhere I go on this site, there is a mob chasing you with chains and batons ;)  dast marizaad, shirzan-e Iran!  Thank you for the excellent article and keep up the good work. 


capt -Ayrab oops I mean Ahab

by rish kosh (not verified) on

halla chetor shod to che ghadr oghdeh gerefty agha
Every time there is a write up about Lebanese Hezbollah or Hamas guys beating up Iranians you and your girlfriend Iran dokht stay silent and ignore the news but when there is something insignificant about some dumb US or Israeli politician you jump at the chance like an excited puppy and make stupid comments
news on this site is full of garbage spewed by joojeh Basijis like shah gholam , WGM and unfortunately you have become as ignorant as them
khasteh nashodi inghadr aghabeh arab bossidi?
khejalat bekesh bisavad

Kaveh Nouraee

Mon Capitain

by Kaveh Nouraee on

You're not out of line. Sure, we're philosophically polar opposites, but out of line? Hardly. I think it's fair to say that we provoke each other's thoughts but we don't push each other's buttons, if that makes any sense.

There's only one person who is out of line, and that is IRANdokht. This pattern of behavior that she is displaying is precisely the kind of behavior that has held our country and our people back for all these years. It has become common knowledge throughout this website as to what she is truly all about.

I am far from perfect, I do not have the answer for everything, and I can't stake a claim to any particular greatness that will reserve my very own chapter in the history books for future generations to study. But I am honest, and I am sincere. I don't speak from both sides of my mouth, and I hold myself accountable for my thoughts, words and deeds. I don't hold myself to a lower standard than I would hold others.

Yes, the common monster is indeed the IR. And while you, Darius and myself seem to be on the same page that it is a monster that needs to be destroyed, IRANdokht's words display a willingness to live with this monster. I don't harbor the illusion that it can be turned into a domesticated house pet.

Worst of all, is her misguided (to put it mildly) sense of being elite and superior. Conceit, snobbery, prejudice, looking down upon people....these are not qualities to be admired. And they are certainly not the qualities of a lady.

These behavioral characteristics are in fact the exact same characteristics of the goons who have hijacked our homeland for the past 30 years. Whether the person wears a turban or a dress makes no difference.

She has put it upon herself to decide how others should think, yet when she is questioned about her own thoughts, she either takes offense or backpedals. She has even gone so far as to have comments that are critical of her removed.

Remind you of anyone we know?

I'll give you a hint....One looks like a monkey in a Members Only jacket and his master has one good hand and wears a turban. 

These young kids in Iran have my complete respect. They have been patiently suffering throughout their childhood and their adolescence. For the majority of them, this has been the only rule under which they have lived. Yet they are smart enough, and sharp enough to know that the IR is evil incarnate. They will be the ones who will save Iran and set her free. Not you, DK, or myself, I'm sorry to say.

And certainly no so-called "daughter of Iran" who looks upon everyone else as her supplicants.

P.S: If anyone were to tell you to shut up, they'll have to answer to me.


Kaveh, Darius, IRANdokht and Capt Ayhab

by capt_ayhab on

All 4 of us are in opposite spectrum's when it comes to our political and religious beliefs. PLEASE forgive me if I get out of line with this comment since I do not mean to be demeaning or disrespectful to any of you guys.

In a nut shell I am so disappointed at 3 of the most intelligent and devoted people[naming you guys] which I have had the life time privilege of knowing in past 24 weeks.

I  expected all you guys, with years of activism, to be role models for new kids in the blog like me. But unfortunately, 3 of the heavy hitter like you guys who can help this community to have some unity in these historical times are at each others' throat constantly.

Lady, Gentlemen, do not do anything for me , and do not do anything for yourselves, but do it for those youngsters who are dying everyday in Iran. PLEASE set aside your personal issues and show unity in face of the common monster called IR.

No matter how we cut it, we are all Iranians, and we are not at war with each other, but with IR. Allow me ask you guy[myself included] to rise above our personal pride, our personal wants and needs, and show UNITY in the face of IR goons. Lets learn from those young kids in the streets of Iran. There will be plenty of time to get back at each others throat.

Forgive me again if I spoke out of line, How can you blame me? It is love.



P/S If you guys decided to tell me to shut up I shall, no hard feelings either.


rish kosh khan

by capt_ayhab on

I usually ignore little ignorant people like you who post with half a dozen anonymous names, however since in your original comment which was directed to poster of the video[being yours truly] you choose to show your ignorance by calling me an IR mouth piece I decided to demonstrate your double talking and illiterate character.

Don't get too upset, just remember that being consistent might help you from getting caught.

Finally, I recommended that you read the entire article, or have it translated so you could understand what is the gentleman of author referring to. That way you might see why I posted that video clip. WHICH was posted specifically for a dear gentleman here with whom we have had similar conversation before and not you. But you decided to interject your pitty self by calling me an IR mouth piece.

Do you get it now? Hala boro kenar bezar bad biad, ke aslan hosaleyeh saro kaleh zadan ba bache haro nadaram.





capt Ahab

by rish kosh (not verified) on

my dear cap
obvious to most people but not you I was referring to his insignificance and idiotic comments
please show some intelligence and tell me you have not truly seen an increase in IR mouth pieces on this site spewing garbage in news to divert attention from what is truly going on in Iran
shame shame, I highly regarded you as some one with something smart to say!!! I guess I was wrong
this kind of sensational crap in US politics or what Israel does is about on par with IR blaming everything in Iran on foreigners...

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You pasted a portion of Dr. Sahimi's text as your own comment. Either that was for a specific emphasis or you wanted to express your agreement with the specific point that you copied. Any way you look at it, you own it.

Now you want to distance yourself from it, saying you didn't write it. That's hypocrisy in a nutshell!

So why didn't you just post the article and leave it at that?

Your character is very relevant, as you continue to try and dictate one set of rules for others while ignoring them for yourself. And that ties into the subject, which is the perception of hypocrisy regarding people like Bill Kristol, John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

So, try again, my dear.


PS: By the way, I liked the video you posted with Archive's music.

Darius Kadivar

IRANdokht Your Article Is About ANYTHING BUT IRAN !

by Darius Kadivar on

Believe me You Know NOTHING about What You are Talking about nor about Intellectual Responsability !

Your Behaviour on this website Has Been VERY Revealing of what I blame Most on the Iranian Intellegenstia before the Revolution.

You Never LEARN Because YOU NEVER Take Responsability for your Mistakes or errors of Judgment But Expect Others to Be Perfect !

I blame People like You of destroying ANY HOPE of Reconciliation amongst Iranians.


You Can Bring All The justifications you want in trying to promote and defend NIAC/AIC's Agenda which was From the VERY Start An Attempt to divide Iranians in the Diaspora in regard to the Regime in Iran.

Take My Word ...

You People Are the WORST THORN In  HOPES nurtured (not only in the past 30 years but even last 100 years since the constitutional revolution) by Our Compatriots both Back Home and In the Diaspora from EVER Seeing a Democratic, Secular, Peace Loving and Free Iran !


Shab Khosh




DK get a hold of yourself please

by IRANdokht on

I am worried you might hurt yourself stretching that far!

Remember a few things:

1- this article is about Iran.

2- nobody spoke of Nazi's and Zionists here but you.

3- people are trying to have a civil and mature conversation and some of you are bringing up any issue and making any excuse to change the subject.

4- despite what Kaveh thinks, I didn't write this article, so my character or any flaws it has is completely irrelevant. Stick to the subject!


Capt jan,

Rish Kosh just like certain others on this post are here for the fun of shooting the messenger, not because they know what the article says or they care about Iran, but just to spew some crap and get it off their chests, the crap I mean...

Thanks for your comments


Darius Kadivar

IRANdokht Jaan Why Don't YOU Ask Ahmadinejad ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Who brought  Up the Holocaust Debate in the first place ?

Who Shed Doubt on this Tragedy and invited Neo Nazi Revisionists Like this Lady Michelle Renouf ( whose Appearance on Iranian TV in Defense of the HAMAS and in denial of the HOLOCAUST are considered by YOU AS OLD IRRELEVANT videos) may I ask ? 

As to Your Question Of Course I Do !

If you think Nazi Ideology had no ramifications in the Middle East National movements then you probably have spend your summer Vacation reading a few dusty books to refresh your memory.

Nazism Thrived on Nationalistic Ideas and Anti British sentiments throughout the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East. With good reason too because Everyone in the Middle East Hated the British colonial supremacy.

Even After WWII countries like Syria sheltered former Nazi Criminals like Alois Brunner who trained their Army and made them adopt their salute in the Military and which prevails to this day.


But I guess you think This is PhotoShop Wizardry ? :


Nasser and Even Sadat of Egypt admited working for Rommel against the British. And Arab Nationalism Repeated much of the Anti Semitic Propaganda developed by the Nazis but withing the Islamic Sauce if I may say ...

Even Pahlavi Iran was Pro German but not Pro Nazi since the Nazi Ideology never took root in Iran unlike the claims of IRI revisionists. The Navy and Airforce were developed by German and Italian knowhow which was already prior to Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy but we were definitively impressed by the German Technology and military skills as much as the Turks were.

Something that Many IRI Apologist's at the San Francisco Chronicle wanted to distort by claiming that the Pahlavis were responsible for the Holocaust in order to justify Ahmadinejads interest in the Holocaust History.

Fortunately ALL Historians don't have Alzheimers nor Attempt to Distort History:

Revealing errors Iran, Jews and the Holocaust: An answer to Mr. Black By Abbas Milani

Iran, Jews and the Holocaust The beneficent legacy of Persia remembered by Abbas Milani (San Francisco Gate)

Nor All Iranians Were Candid to think that Ahmadinejad was OUR NEW MOSSADEGH

Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism by Darius KADIVAR

So YES The consenquences of WWII do Shape the ideological dillemas and challenges of the 21st Century as much as it did during the Cold War !

To dismiss it as YOU do, probably due to Ignorance and should I say "Positivism" or "Arrogance of a Youth" (with no family connection to Europe or veterens of WWII ) because you take for granted what the world and generations after generation have learned about the Horrors of Nazism and the Reality of the Holocaust by thinking that Nothing that has taken place in the past can be repeated in other circumstances or in another country or that we have no intellectual or moral responsability to remind ourselves and future generations of the reality of those UNIQUE AND CRIMINAL IDEOLOGY which was Nazism and Fascism ( which is defended today by Racist Far Right organizations like in France, Italy, Austira or Germany against ALL Democratic and Humanistic Values) is indeed Something Incredibly Naive and should I add DANGEROUS !

Ahmadinejad Opened this Pandora Box in our Country by hosting that wretched conference and Thankfully the Events in IRan proved that Iranians  at Large Resented Both Ahmadinejad and his Anti Israel and Anti West Rant. Best Summed in one of the slogans" FELESTEEN ROH RAHA KOHN"

Something which YOU and NIAC People living in the West and so called "SATANIC and CORRUPT" America Failed to do in regard to Ahmadinejad's Manipulative Stance in Gaza !

It is not enough to Banalize History like Hamid Debashi and Soraya Ulrich :


You Also indulge now in Banalizing Politics ...

Truly Cheap !

Shab Khosh,



rish kosh khan

by capt_ayhab on

You noted[here we are arguing over what some idiot insignificant politician said a year ago to get elected]

Don't you hate it when you get caught red handed talking from both sides of your mouth? Allow me [ke patato ro ab berizam]

You said this about this insignificant politician on a different blog:



yeah right

by rish kosh (not verified) on

the same guy that sang bomb bomb Iran while laughing!


Why change of heart refigh? 





by capt_ayhab on

Obviously you have not read the entire original article to be rushing to defend the Reza Pahlavi. Only a small portion of article pertained to him.

Here is the part I was referring to just in case you are interested :

Excerpt [The Iranian people do not forget the positions of the same people who are now shedding crocodile tears for the good people of Iran. They do not forget that Senator John McCain who now sheds such tears, is the same man who said “bomb, bomb, bomb” Iran, and the same man who has consistently supported the illegal invasion of Iraq and the escalation of the Afghan war by the Obama administration, which has resulted in
the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people. The decent people of Iran do not need, nor have they asked for, the Senator’s support. He should shed them for selecting a running mate such as Sarah Palin.]

End Excerpt

There are lot more CROCODILES besides Reza Pahlavi that are mentioned in the article.  Or should I say SHARKS?  ;-)




how quickly forgotten !

by rish kosh (not verified) on

wow its amazing how quickly elements of IR diverted the attention and significance of regime and their supporters
to Israel and every other excuse under the sun!
just a week ago and still today Iranian people were killed and beaten by Lebanese Hezbollah and Hamas trough the order of traitor regime
its amazing how much attention is going to insignificant foreign politicians and sensational foreign news while IR is spending Iran resources and money to pay these elements to kill their own people!
here we are arguing over what some idiot insignificant politician said a year ago to get elected
IR mouth pieces hard at work to divert the attention away on all websites related to Iran .

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I don't know if I'd call it schizophrenia or Alzheimer's, but it's definitely a sign of a diseased mind.

When someone starts behaving as if their own excrement doesn't stink, they're doomed to drown in it.



since it's now all about me...

by IRANdokht on

DK jan

Do you have any proof for all your allegations? or you're just happy to have someone to blame for everything that's gone wrong with the world since WWII?


Darius Kadivar

capt_ayhab So ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

What does MCCain's Comments have to do with Reza Pahlavi or the Iranian Opposition ? ...

Did you see any photo of them together or any endorsement of this gentleman's comments by Any Iranian Opposition leader ? Maybe the MKO but certainly NOT Reza Pahlavi !

Darius Kadivar

THAT's Because IRANDOKHT is a SAINT ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Irandokht Never Admits Her Own Past Misjudgments But blames others ...  

I don't Think she even understands the difference between Socialism and National Socialism aka Nazism ...

Her Source of Information Or rather MisInformation must be Press TV the IRI mouthpiece ! ...

Some Have Alzheimers but she probably has Schizophrenia ...

She was Staunchly Refuting Any Links between HAMAS and Ahmadinejad's government  in the Gaza Crisis


and blindly followed their Anti Israeli rhetoric that perfectly fitted Ahmadinejad's Agenda on grounds of " Oh Look at the HOLOCAUST Crimes in Gaza ! What Criminals these Israelis ... " .



As if The Jews in the NAZI concentration camps could defend themselves with Bazookas and Guns ?

She even Shed Doubt on a KNOWN HISTORICAL FACT:PLO's and the Fundementalist Muslim groups Ideological roots in Nazism:

And even when you show them the evidence she calls it Neo Con and Israeli Propaganda.




But she blames the Iranian Opposition in exile  for trying to gain influence on Capitol Hill and meet the American President of the Time in order to help the Resistance both financially and propaganda wise ( just like like in the case of France with General De Gaulle who fought the Petain Nazi Collaborater Government with the help of the British and Americans) against the most Brutal Regime in the history of our country since the Moguls Invation ( I quote YOUR Candidate Moussavi). But its OK for her Friends at NIAC/AIC to Promote the IRI Agenda and foreign and domestic policy interests at the expense of the Iranian People.

Maskhareh Vaghan !


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You already know where the comment is directed. Attempting to divert this towards Dr. Sahimi is childish on your part.

You posted this article, and you commented on it by copying and pasting portions of the original text. So either you agree and hold that same position, or you are a blatant plagiarist. Either way, it doesn't cast you in a favorable light. And just because I refrained from mentioning it initially doesn't mean that it should be construed as not reading the article.

Talking about a "rush", your characteristic rush to judgment is beginiing to catch up with you. Your habit of assumption will lead to your consumption.

The issue you have of being able to "dish it out" but not being able to "take it" draws no sympathy. Yet again, you're trying to have it both ways here. If you don't wish to have your position questioned or debated, don't comment. Whatever it is or whoever it is that has led you to believe you hold the exclusive right to be critical of others without having to answer for those criticisms has guided you down a horribly wrong path.

As to your suggestion that I "get over it", I'll take it under advisement and render my decision at a later date.

Captain...I'm familiar with the "Bomb Iran" incident with McCain. It was stupid of him and in poor taste.