KKKonservatives hang Democrat in effigy to intimidate his vote on health care
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29-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

KKKonservatives hang Democrat in effigy to intimidate his vote on health care 

Yesterday, AFP decided to hold a protest in front of the offices of Democratic Rep.

Frank Kratovil’s (D-MD1) office. Despite the fact that Rep. Kratovil has yet to take a stance for or against health care reform, the protesters felt it would be appropriate to voice their concerns by hanging him in effigy.

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And I thought calling the Congressman or writing him was the best way to influence his opinion! I didn't know this was an option.

It's not an option, of course, unless you have lost your mind or you are a hate mongering sociopath.
Using violence or the threat of violence as a means to gain a political goal IS TERRORISM.

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Note: To those who object to the KKKonservative reference. Until the GOP and their Corporartist allies reject utterly the Jim Crow tactics and southern strategy of racial division and politics through threats of violence, my comparison stands. I apologize if you find it offensive, but please remember, I did not hang a man in effigy, they did.

I just reported on it, and yes, it is the same whether the person they hang is of one ethnicity or another. Threats of violence to influence politics should be abhorred, and can nev... >>>


Will they ever just go away?

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درسته کاپیتان عزیز


وقاحتی که اینها در عمل، چه در صدر اوضاع و چه امروز که در اقلیت هستند نشان دادند مشخص می‌کند که حالا حالا‌ها با این نوع عقب ماندگی، تفکرات احمقانه و تعصبات بیجا رو بروئیم، حتی اگر اکثریت مردم با رأی خودشان مخالفتی که با این گروه کوچک دارند را نشان داده باشند.




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They are hell bent in scoring against Mr. Obama, and unfortunately they have already bastardized the bill. And guess who they have in frontline, Rush the druggie, Sean Hanity, Glen Beck, and last but not least Bull Dog Palin the quieter.

Thanks for the article ID jan