Tension as security forces flood Tehran
06-Aug-2009 (one comment)

I realised the situation was serious when the metro driver said the train would not be stopping at Mellat or Baharestan stations near the parliament.

People had planned to come by car and cause a traffic jam. But all the roads to the square were blocked and cars were not allowed in the area.

Anti-riot police were out in force, and there was a severe security crackdown. At the top of every street there were Basijis [militia] and plain clothed guards - in extraordinary numbers. I think out of every ten people, three of them were security personnel.

When I arrived Baharestan Square, I saw more Basijis on motorbikes with batons in their hands.

As I turned into Safi Ali Shah Road off the square, I froze on the spot - I couldn't believe my eyes at the number of vehicles and motorbikes lined up on the road.

It was packed full of special guards in black uniforms, they were standing around chatting and laughing, but ready for action.

There were minibuses full of Sepah forces [Revolutionary Guards], and many of them were still asleep - I suppose they had been brought in early in the morning.

I came round the front of the station again and saw that the security forces had formed a human chain in front of the parliament.

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Majid Zahrai

IRI frightened with persistence of protests

by Majid Zahrai on

And I have news for them--people won't be going home anytime soon.  So plan on staying frightened for a while.  They have determination and numbers.  All the guns in the world can't deal with that.  IRI's soldiers will break down soon, too.