Iran exile advocates urge to retake Iraq's Camp Ashraf
Washington Post / David Morgan
10-Aug-2009 (4 comments)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Human rights lawyers on Monday urged the Pentagon to take control of an Iranian exile camp in eastern Iraq, accusing Iraqi security forces there of crimes and human rights violations against camp residents.

Residents of Camp Ashraf near the Iranian border say the Iraqi government killed 13 people and injured about 450 others when security forces moved into the facility on July 28, an incident that raises concerns about the dwindling U.S. influence in Iraq.

Camp Ashraf, home to the People's Mujahideen Organization of Iran (PMOI) dissident group, had been protected by the U.S. military until the facility and its 3,500 residents were transferred to Iraqi jurisdiction last January.

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Let Ashraf Fall

by liberation08 on

the iraqi government is siding with its friends and co-religionists in iran, and against the munafeqin, who are enemies of iran.

iran has supported iraq for decades by harboring the dawa party and the SIIC. since 2003, iran has helped rebuild iraq and brokered peace agreements between iraq's opposing factions. iran also helped iraq regain its sovereignty through its work on the SOFA

iraq's move against the munafeqin gives me hope that iraq's government will be upright.

however, it's unfortunate that some ashraf residents have been killed in the attack


Isn't interesting that now they are called "Iranian exiled camp"

by Bavafa on

Aren't they identified as a terrorist group and hasn't their action proven to be not only a terrorist group also traitors?


che khabar e

so what are you saying?

by che khabar e on

I'm confused.  Should not those "screwed and tattooed" Iranians get to go back to Iran?  Why are you determining that the other nationality (of the dual nationality citizenships they hold) are the ones who should take them... and not Iran?  I'm not sure whose responsibility you think they are.  Do they WANT to go back to Iran?  I haven't heard much of what THEY want.  Have you?


Those with dual nationality from European countries should be...

by Ostaad on

transported to those countries at the governments' expense but the third category who live in the camp under the authority of PMOI should be given refugee status by the countries whose lawyers make up the International Camp Ashraf advocates group.

This is how Camp Ashraf residents are described by MKO:

Who are the CampAshraf Residents?
thousands of Iranians expatriates who hold dual nationalities or
refugee status of various Western countries as well crossed-bordered
Iranians who obtained the residency of bases under the authority of
PMOI since mid 1980's.
[my emphasis]

Source: //

The authority of PMOI?!!! Since when a terrorist group assumes the authority to grant residency permits to other terrorist IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY?!!! Are these people for real?!!!

Those European countries that are providing residency, legal and financial protection to the Bonny and Clyde gang of Rajavi-va-Banou should be held responsible to take the funds the gangster couple is spending in Europe and spend them on those who were left behind in Camp Ashraf to rot. Europeans are playing a cruel game of legal shenanigans with the lives of a bunch of Iranians who have been screwed and tattooed by the Rajavi crime family.