With Iran, a Tactical Pause Is Needed
Huffington Post / Trita Parsi
10-Aug-2009 (4 comments)

Two weeks ago, I wrote an analysis for ForeignPolicy.com, arguing that engagement should remain the policy with Iran, but that a tactical pause is necessary to make sure diplomacy succeeds. I argued that this wasn't necessary just because Washington would be wise not to engage with any faction in Iran before greater political clarity about the internal political situation in Iran can be found. Or because the outcome of the political fight in Iran can determine which Iran the world will deal with for decades to come.

Rather, the key argument was that the political chaos in Iran has made Tehran incapable of negotiating with the U.S. If the U.S. adheres to its pre-Iranian election crisis timeline, and seeks engagement with Iran prior to September, it risks dealing with an Iran that can't negotiate, can't decide and can't deliver.

Moreover, even nuclear talks would have a negligible impact on the election dispute. Iran currently is not in a position to negotiate. Some in Washington believe that the paralysis in Tehran has weakened Iran and made it more prone to compromise. But rather than delivering more, Iran's government currently couldn't deliver anything at all. The infighting has simply incapacitated Iranian decision makers.

Iran's lack of capacity creates a tremendous danger for the White House. Of all scenarios the Obama administrat... >>>

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Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Mr. Parsi,

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

if you are a true Iranian and have the best interest of Iran and Iranian in your heart, you will not want a "Tactical Pause" for Iran!

Mullahs and other Islamic fascists (Iran and Iranian haters) are on the verge of going at each other full force and weaken themselves to the point of self destruction!

Time (dead) line is exactly what we need to put an enormous pressure and stress on all fronts and on their already divided, weakened, fearful and coward bodies NOT any pause and LIFE LINE Sir!!! They have mastered the art of buying more time and life line for themselves...

By September something huge will manifest that will benefit True Iranians at last! Mark my words! These mullahs and other Islamic fascists are digging a bigger hole and graves for themselves and True Iranians will be the final winners. My fellow country men,women and Children, The Victory for us is very near. Be Ready!!!

God Bless Iran, Iranians and all other good people around the world,



Obama needs to stand firm

by Bavafa on

Obama needs to stand firm against AIPAC and do what is right for America and that is talking to Iran. As he has said, there is no precondition for the talks and therefore there should not be any arbitrary time table either as it will prove to be a show, just like the show trails that is going on in Iran. It will lack any kind of legitimacy or sincerity and it is doom to fail.



Nobody is trying to "delay" anything.

by Ostaad on

To the chegrin of AIPAC's water carrier boy intern, the negotiation path between the US and Iran has been determined and I'm sure it's well underway. Of course the IRI regime will do its best to wriggle out of because it is in a dismal position right now. The regime has nothing to show for, from both political or economic points of view. I don't think a pause is going to help either party at this juncture. I don't agree with the premise that Iran, "can't negotiate, can't decide and can't deliver" at all! The Rahbar is still in charge, and Ahamdinejad is still the "elected" president. No need to play footsy with the negotiations options. Obama needs to keep the pressure on and make sure the Iranian people understand the "carrots" are worth it for them to start the negotiations. This is precisely the time for Obama to go over the regime's head by reaching to the Iranian people to explain to them what the West will offer to protect them against military adventurism by Iran's enemy, Israel, as well as what the prospect of bringing Iran back more into the global economy are. Iran never left the global economy because it is the second OPEC oil exporter and its foreign trade volume is substantial, but it certainly can be bigger.

The Zionista are the ones who are going to benefit from the "pause".  They will do so by doubling their efforts to change the subject and derail these negotiations that will set the tone for the ME politics for a couple of decades.

Iran, regardless of who's in charge, needs security assurances and an economic horizon in order to feel safe to negotiate. In fact the current regime presents Iran with the best opportunity to bring about a negotiated agreement, which Israel and its supporters will be doing their best to scuttle, precisely because Khamenie and Ahmadinejad cannot claim the Iranian people are solidly behind them.

This is the golden opportunity to arrive at a negotiated agreement between the US and Iran. Let's not waste any time with ill-thought of and unnecessary "pauses" that have no use but helping Iran's enemies.

Iranians need regional security and economic horizon, therefore sanctions are counter-productive.



Long standing NIAC lobby policy

by Fred on

What else is new, it has always been the NIAC lobby and  its conjoined twin CASMII lobby’s long standing policy to facilitate a deal being cut  with the Islamists cutthroats and if not possible to delay their demise.