Dear Mr Ban, heed the Iranian people
Guardian / Akbar Ganji
13-Aug-2009 (2 comments)

Dear Mr Ban Ki-moon

Evidence shows that in the Islamic republic of Iran elections are not free, competitive or fair, and they never lead to a real transformation in the country's political structure. Several reasons exist for this:

Article 110 of the constitution of the Islamic republic of Iran places most of the power in the hands of the supreme leader (rahbar) and institutions that are directly under his control. Article 57 of the constitution places all three branches of the government – namely the executive, legislative and the judicial branches – "under the purview of the absolute [divine] rule and [divine] leadership" of the supreme leader. The people of Iran only have a say in voting for the presidency, the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis), and local councils. Even if the people's representatives were to be elected on fair and competitive grounds, they would be unable to bring about any real reforms in the affairs of the state. Non-elective institutions, such as the guardian council, the exigency assembly and the High Council of Cultural Revolution, often thwart and nullify the action of elected institutions.

In practice, the real power in Iran lies in the hands of the supreme leader and it goes beyond the letter of the law as written in the consti... >>>

Ali Lakani

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