War is Boring: Israel Boosts Nuclear, Conventional Deterrence
World Politics Review
13-Aug-2009 (7 comments)

Israel's apparent goal is to prepare for conventional, preemptive strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities, while also boosting nuclear deterrence, in the event that preemptive strikes fail or become politically unpalatable, and Tehran eventually develops working nuclear weapons.

Israeli preparations began in earnest in the wake of the disastrous invasion of Lebanon in July 2006. More than 100 Israeli soldiers died in fierce fighting with Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia. "A paramilitary organization withstood the strongest army in the Middle East for weeks," concluded Israel's post-war Winograd Commission. "These results have far-reaching consequences for us and our enemies." Some experts fear a nuclear-armed Iran would be even more aggressive in its support for extremist groups.

In August 2006, Jerusalem placed a $1.3 billion order to a German shipyard for the two extra submarines. The first should enter service in 2012. At more than $600 million apiece, the submarines are the most expensive single pieces of military equipment Israel has ever purchased. Some observers have questioned the value of buying more submarines, when the Israeli surface fleet has had to scale back plans to buy new surface warships, on cost grounds. But the Israeli navy considers the submarines worth the price. A senior Israeli naval officer told World Politics Review that submarines "define" a navy.


"preparing for pre-emptive strikes"

by Q on

While Israel hawks are shedding Crocodile tears for Iranians and keeping the attention elsewhere, Israel is literally getting ready to kill them.



And it is worth noting that the very same country

by Bavafa on

which tried to wipe these people off the map, now is arming them to wipe others, perhaps off the map.

If you couldn't profit from engaging a war, become a war profiteering by having others to start the war.



This is sickening!

by IRANdokht on

Israel is going to use nuclear warheards to attack Iran for the "threat" of a possible nuclear capability that Iran may or may not acquire in the future?

Doesn't anyone see how unfair and unjust the international community is? Why are they not asking Israel to give up all its nuclear warheads? A country that's been aggressively in war with its neighbors since its inception is allowed to threaten another country with its nuclear bombs and the world is actually on their side? And why is a total act of aggression called preemptive attack? Damn that Bush and his doctrine!


Shah Ghollam

Good article....

by Shah Ghollam on

Thanks for sharing and exposing these inherent racists. We need a lot more efforts to expose these Cowards whoes battle victories are always over innocent civilians with massive fire power.

It is a promise! If the Persians freed these people from babylon 2500 yrs ago, then it will be the Persians to put them back into the bottle!


israel is fishing in muddy waters

by Anonymous8 on

"abe gel alood mahi migirand"


merci agha.


More evidence (in case there is any doubt)

by Q on

Israel now content with just "delaying" the nuclear program. This means, the argument that a strike won't actually succeed in doing anything is no longer a problem. "Striking", and putting Iranian lives in danger is in itself more important than actually achieving the goal of hurting Iran's nuclear program.

From Today's New York Times.

khaleh mosheh

and our dear Dr AN

by khaleh mosheh on

Is helping them along with their plan quite nicely..