Iran reformer says he wants to present rape evidence
19-Aug-2009 (2 comments)

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian reformist cleric Mehdi Karoubi on Wednesday asked to meet top officials including the president to be able to present evidence of the rape of some detained post-election protesters, his party said.

The Etemad-e Melli website said Karoubi made the call in a letter to parliament speaker Ali Larijani, who has dismissed Karoubi's rape allegations last week as "baseless."

The meeting should be attended by Larijani, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, judiciary chief Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani, former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and the state prosecutor, Karoubi said.

"I ask you to organize a meeting ... in which I can personally present my documents and evidence over the cases of sexual abuse in some prisons," Karoubi said in the letter.

"I am waiting for your quick and rational action," he added.

Karoubi, who came fourth in the disputed June 12 presidential election, has come under fire from hardliners for saying some protesters, both men and women, were raped in jail.

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Majid Zahrai

Does Karoubi think they need the evidence?

by Majid Zahrai on

They know it happened this time as it has happened all the other times before it.  It's not in their interest now to admit it.  I doubt any amount of 'evidence' would get them to publicly admit knowing about this.


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Mr. Karoubi!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Mr. Karoubi and other Iranians inside Iran must present their case to the "International Criminal Court" in Hague, Holland to create a global exposure and  proving their case to this high court, If they do, they can actually see a verdict of arrest for all the Islamic Republic's criminal leader, President , officials and members c that have committed undenaible crimes against humanity and Iranians.

Islamis Republic Regime and all its EVIL leader, President and officials/members are Psycho-path criminals and presenting "Rape Evidence" doesn't serve justice and is a lost cause... If anything, it would only make all these filthy I.R. viscous animals happy to hear about raping!!! That is what they live their dirty lives for...