August 19, 1953
20-Aug-2009 (5 comments)

The increasing repression under the Shah eventually led to his being overthrown, but it took more than two long decades, and because the Shah had so successfully crushed most secular opposition, that 1979 revolution quickly became fervently religious. Most Americans didn't understand why Iranian revolutionaries subsequently attacked the American Embassy in Tehran, taking dozens of hostages, but most Iranians knew that the demolition of their democracy, and the restoration of the Shah, in 1953, had been planned from that very building. Muslims around the world knew very well what had happened.

This is but a very brief outline, and there are many fascinating details and nuances, but undertsanding this history will be increasingly important, as the same neocons who so brilliantly propagandized for the so successful invasion of Iraq ramp up their pressure on President Obama to get more aggressive with Iran. As I've previously noted, the Obama Administration has been very wise and careful in how they have addressed the current Iranian democracy movement, because anything more overt or aggressive likely would undermine that movement, by enabling it to be depicted as more American meddling.

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Kadivar, your beloved Shah was a weak minded puppet

by Q on

And no amount of clownish videos will change that fact.

Darius Kadivar

MON Q Did You Switch to KOS ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on  ...

Poutant Je Prefere TON Q ...



Fred, do you mean...

by Ostaad on

you don't know?!!! I suggest that you check the archives at the Home Office, where you live, they may tell you why. If they give you a hard time, tell them you occasionally serve tea-and-crumpets at AIPAC's get together. That'll make them treat you real nice.

khaleh mosheh

12th June 2009

by khaleh mosheh on

And this day is a calamity.

I am sure Mossadeq would be turning in his grave if he realised how the fanatical khomenist IRI supporters are abusing his legacy.


Terrorist Kashani

by Fred on

In light of the Islamist Rapist Republic now being in power the question is why did the terrorist Ayatollah Kashani who is now praised by the IRR and the Islamist wedding photographers help the coup d'etat plotters in denying Iranian nation of their elected secular leader?