Top Jundallah Figure Says US Ordered Attacks / Jason Ditz
26-Aug-2009 (9 comments)

Rigi confirmed that Jundallah previously had ties with al-Qaeda for operations in Pakistan, and that the groups split in 2003 over differences of opinion about strategy in Iran. Not long after severing its ties with al-Qaeda, the group started a relationship with the United States government. 

That fact has never been disputed, indeed US officials have repeatedly confirmed that the government has secretly encouraged and advised Jundallah as it fights the Iranian government. But Rigi insisted the US ties went well beyond encouragement.


US joins Al-Qaeda to instigate terror inside Iran

by Jaleho on

I guess US did not learn a lesson when it helped create Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, Afghanistan Branch!


Farhad Kashani

IRANdokht,   Thanks for

by Farhad Kashani on


Thanks for your comments. It seems that you are slowly but surely distancing yourself from reality. That would be very regrettable since I always thought of you as someone deeply concerned with the cause of democracy in Iran and around the world and as a moderate and relatively a realist. I hope you have change of course. 


First off, is a far Left anti American pro Islamist anti Capitalist website. Its record speaks for itself. So not sure why are you denying that! Also, I criticized them, not you. It’s regrettable that you act as their spokeswomen. In addition, many folks, including yourself, insulted Bush and his policies and people you guys call “Neo Cons” on daily bases. Don’t you think you had insulted people who were supporting Bush? Furthermore, yes, anyone who is pro Islamist and at the same time anti American, needs to be called out. No question there. I have made it my duty to do so. Also, any “idiot” can call himself or herself “antiwar”. I don’t recall Hitler or Khomeini calling themselves “pro war”! The Left has tendency to hide behind terms such as “antiwar” and “progressive”. That’s Left’s trademark. However, in reality, because of Left’s actions, our country was destroyed in 1979. I’m disappointed that you look at “titles” only.


One more thing about me posting news on here. For 30 years, Iranians had no voice. This very site couple of years ago didn’t look too different from Keyhan Tehran. Honestly. It was infected with pro IRI pro Socialist garbage. Majority Iranians had no voice at all. I remember it clearly. I’m sorry that you feel me posting news here is I guess kind a annoying to you, but I hope you don’t go on the path of intolerance.


IRANdokht, I always try to be as gentle with you as possible cause I believe you have the best interest of the Iranian people in mind, unlike these “morons” like Bavafa and Jaleho and Shah Gholam, who have called me far worst names (just recently Shah Gholam wished the IRI regime could crack my head open, I didn’t see you attacking him for that like you attacking me here!). I wish we can keep our relationship at that level. I have high regards for you.


Don’t you think they are books that proves your point wrong and proves Al Qaeda was invented differently? So, lets keep Ahmad Rashid and others, who are absolutely biased one way or another, out and lets just me and you talk.


Explain to me the following if you want to have a serious discussion and I will reply back and we will let audience decide who makes more sense, fair? 1- What is Al Qaeda? Organized group? Unorganized group? Cult? Movement? Centralized? What is it you think? 2- After answering and clearly stating what you think Al Qaeda is, explain how did U.S “invented” it? Simple as that.



Dear IRANdokht, re. Jane Herman

by Jaleho on

Mr. Kashani might be way too allergic to "antiwar" site to notice that one reason that I picked that link is because of the rich collection of links from Reuters, ABC News... that has made a cohesive story from bits and pieces of the older story that has come to light gradually. The article is good for anyone who is interested in understanding the foundation of the news they read. But, some people first have to see a label, then decide what their own opinion is about that subject based on the observed label :-)

Thanks for the addition of Jane Herman's story which is an important angle which sheds more light to the nature of this story.


Mr. Kashani, to learn a few things in this area

by Jaleho on

I suggest you read the classic book "Taliban" by Ahmed Rashid.

Maybe you can learn a bit about HOW and WHY US creates these "insignificant" terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda. Then, you'll be able to provide us with a learned opinion which leans on some kind of analysis of the regional geopolitics, facts, reasoning...instead of name calling others who do so.


Mehrdad jan

by IRANdokht on

I believe that people are good, and outside this realm of cyber wars they usually are more friendly, kind and relatively polite to one another. Unfortunately not having to look into the other person's eyes is allowing some of our friends to lash out at one another whenever they feel like it.

People recommend news items and post a link about it on this page, the same page that Farhad posts 5-6-7 links at a time to show how many articles are being published from his side.

Now Jaleh is posting one article, if not the first one she's ever posted, because I don't recall having seen any before. One article that's not from her personal website, it's from an American anti-war webside, and here comes Farhad and calls everyone who disagrees with him brain damaged idiots arguing with the article that was published on another site with a very unfriendly condescending tone. If Jaleh replies in the same manner, all the rest of our anti-IRI-cyber-activists who don't really do much except beat up on the individuals who write on this website, will join in and turn this into an ugly fight.

I don't know how to make sense of this behavior, so I figured I'd ask...  but thanks for the warning :o) 



Irandokh: I think you are wasting your breath and time

by Bavafa on

There are those who look at facts and judge for themselves, don't feel they have to insult others in order to make their point and there are those who are bound by hatred and masters who tell them what to think or say.



Dear Farhad

by IRANdokht on

On one hand we have the facts and the track record, on the other we have empty slogans and insults.

you said:"These anti American idiots like"

so I guess anti war equals to anti American in your book? Have you looked at without your tinted glasses to see what they're saying? Do you think being pro-war is a good image for America? I wonder how many Americans actually would agree with you on that!

Not hard to figure out who's being unreasonable here now, is it?

Why do you feel you have to call people idiots and be insulting when you want to express your opinion?


Farhad Kashani's anti American propaganda will not work!

by Farhad Kashani on

I guess the recent brave uprising of the Iranian people against their beloved Fascist IRI regime, has caused some serious brain damage to the IRI supporters who come out here and post false and twisted news in favor of the IRI!


What could the U.S possibly gain from helping the Jundollah group, a non important, tiny, irrelevant group that can cause very little damage? This is the same “victim card” these bastard used to play when it came to MKO. They made such a huge deal out of an insignificant organization just and just to play victims and make others, mainly the U.S, look bad where as they themselves are bluntly and openly supporting countless terrorist groups from Yemen to Lebanon to Somalia to Palestine to…. and are the main inspirers and supporters of Islamic Fundamentalism and groups such as Al Qaeda and Taliban and others.


These anti American idiots like and people who believe  think these pro IRI propaganda actually works? They’re more delusional than I thought!



not too surprising

by IRANdokht on

Didn't Jane Harman spill the beans already? There's been millions of dollars allocated for it anyway and Jane Harman already explained how she was looking forward to the separation of the ethnic groups...  well, that's before she realized the meeting with AIPAC was not held privately.

Unfortunately they seem to continue their wrong approaches when it comes to the region which have always backfired.