Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Indicted
Washington Post
30-Aug-2009 (2 comments)

The 61-page indictment includes charges related to his acceptance of as much as $150,000 from New York businessman Morris Talansky -- funds that Talansky testified last summer were meant for Olmert's political campaigns, but which he believed were used for personal purposes.

Throughout the investigation Olmert, 63, has maintained his innocence, and a spokesman on Sunday told local media he expects to be exonerated.

Noting that other allegations against Olmert were dropped without charges being brought, spokesman Amir Dan told the daily Haarertz that Olmert "is convinced that he will once and for all be able to prove his innocence in court."

The investigation undermined Olmert's already troubled tenure as head of the Israeli government, and complicated efforts last fall to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Olmert rose to the prime minister's chair in 2006 after then-prime minister Ariel Sharon was incapacitated by a stroke.

He was quickly embroiled in a war with the Lebanese Hezbollah militia that resulted in what by Israeli standards were unacceptable losses of troops and equipment. His management of the conflict was widely criticized and resulted in calls for him to step down.


There is an Iran connection!

by Q on

The Iran connection: In 2007, Morris Talansky and others sued Israeli satellite company ImageSat for refusing to sell Venezuela images. The company cited "closeness to Iran" as the reason.


khaleh mosheh

When will Khamenie and AN

by khaleh mosheh on

Be charged for their criminal offences?

I think It wont be long now judging by the strength of feeling building up against them..