UN Freedom Caravans for Iran (September 23 and 24)
UN Freedom Caravans for Iran

UN Freedom Caravans for IranThe Caravans for Peace and Freedom in Iran will gather at the United Nations on September 23-24 to support the Iranian people's demand for democracy and human rights and to protest the presence of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the United Nations.
Our compatriots in Iran are demanding freedom, democracy and human rights in a polity that reflects the will and guards the dignity of the Iranian people.   They have paid the ultimate price for freedom and human rights.  The loss of sons and daughters such as Neda, Sohrab, Taraneh, Parisa, Alireza and Kianoush in the recent protests is etched in every Iranian's heart.   Their sacrifice will not be in vain.  These great spirits’ willingness to die rather than submit before fraud and force has reminded the world of the dignity and courage of the Iranian people.
Despite the grave breaches of human and civil rights, Iranians remain resolute in their commitment to freedom and human rights.  As with the peaceful mass demonstrations on 25th Khordad 1388 (15th June 2009) when millions throughout Iran protested against election fraud, we will continue to find creative and nonviolent ways to organize and protest to defend the dignity of the Iranian people.
Whether in gatherings of millions or hundreds, those of us who seek democracy and justice will continue to welcome and respect the views of fellow Iranians.  We have... >>>

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